Throw the Best Graduation Party with These Decors and Party Supplies!

This is a follow-up to my “Funny College Graduation Gift Ideas” article which you can find here. While I was writing the article, I had a eureka moment and decided to write about graduation parties.

I loved going to graduation parties some years ago, and aside from the booze, the music, and the crowd, the decoration and party supplies affect the success of the party. So if you’re planning a graduation party anytime soon, let this article serve as your essentials checklist.

Here are the party decors and supplies that will make your graduation party a blast!

1. Graduation gift card holder

Some practical party throwers would prefer to place a large bowl for gift cards and monetary gifts. But wouldn’t it be nice that the gift card holder is relevant to the theme?

Graduation Gift Card Holder

2. Graduation paper lantern

Instead of party lights, which are usually for fraternity parties, why not decorate the entire venue with these graduation paper lanterns? They’ll light up the place and bring the spirit of graduation into the room.

Graduation Paper Party Lanterns – Set of 12

3. Graduation Cupcake on Appetizer Sticks

At the party, cupcakes will be everywhere! A great way to decorate these baked good is to put the appropriate appetizer sticks — like these graduation picks. I love the design. I think it goes well with those fluffy and creamy white cupcakes. What do you think?


Lot of 24 White Congrats Grad Graduation Food Snack Appetizer Party Picks

4. Balloon Holder Accessory

A graduation party is not complete without balloons. So I’m sure that you’ll choose the biggest and most stylish ones. But these balloons will only be put to waste if there’s nothing as stylish to hold them. Fortunately, there’s this cute balloon holder accessory. Speaking of balloons, here’s a jumping grad balloon.


Grad Cap Photo/Balloon Holder Party Accessory (1 count)

5. Funky Grad Glasses

There will be people who want to fool around with their props. So indulge everyone with funky graduation glasses. I can imagine your guests having a great time with these glasses.

Funky Grad Glasses – For the Graduate

6. Inflatable

Inflatables are the perfect attraction during parties. But aside from that, they’re functional, too. The inflatable below, for instance, can be used as a tub cooler for beer cans and other beverages.


Inflatable Graduation Hat Cooler Party Accessory

7. Graduation Cutouts

When you’re done decorating the party area, don’t forget to decorate the walls. What better way to give the wall a graduation makeover than to use these cutouts? Also check out these metallic dangling cutouts.


Black, Silver and Gold Mega Value Pack Graduation Cutouts

8. Graduation Party Yard Sign

Let everyone know that you’re hosting a graduation party with this conspicuous graduation yard sign. For sure, everyone you know will drop by unannounced.