Lyme Disease Prevention – Symptoms


Ticks are more prevalent during the warm weather months and one must use caution if they participate in the outdoor sports; hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. However if you live in a residential area that is close to a city park or a woods setting then ticks may be in your yard.

Ticks will enter your yard by way of mice, rat, raccoon, possum, skunk, deer, stray dog, cat or any outdoor animal that the tick has hitched a ride on. Once the tick has entered your yard it will hide in tall grass, leaf matter, wood pile, mulch, or in your shrubs.


Many people believe that if you are bitten by a tick and you remove it within 24 hours that you will not be infected. That is false, if the tick is infected and has broken your skin with its bite then your blood has been infected. One tick bite can infect your with more than one infection, you could easily be infected with Lyme disease and rocky mountain disease at the same time. Symptoms of tick borne illness may be flu like symptoms, joint inflammation, muscle weakness, headache, memory disturbances, inability to concentrate, seizures’, exhaustion and insomnia.

Some people infected with tick borne illness do not respond to the antibiotic treatment and will relapse and suffer from the illness for the rest of their lives. It takes one bite from an infected tick to make you ill. Therefore, if you want to play outdoors then learn how to prevent a tick bite.

Know that I have chronic LD. Yes I am one of those people that did not respond to the medication. This disease is not fun, imagine feeling like you have chronic flu and arthritis at the same time for the rest of your life. Granted some days are worse than other days but take it from me you need to take steps to prevent getting bitten by a tick.


Things you’ll need to prevent tick bites

  • Packing tape
  • Deep Woods Off insect repellent
  • Light khaki or white long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and hiking boots ( has a good selection of Timberland hiking boots)

Get ready for outdoor sports by bathing with natural pest control soap. The herbal properties of the soap will act as a barrier to prevent tick bites. This herbal soap is the first layer of protection against tick bites.

Lay your clothing, hat, boots and socks out on the bed and spray it evenly with Off Deep Woods.

Dress for your outdoor nature activity by choosing light color clothing. The light colors will enable you to see the tick crawling on you.


Choose clothing that has a loose fit. Wear loose khaki pants, socks and hiking boots that cover your ankles. Tuck your pant legs into your socks. Wrap the sticky side of packing tape around your socks. The tape will stop the ticks from crawling up your leg.


Plan to stay on the path, if you are going fishing, or hiking then look for cleared path. Gravel is best because ticks don’t hide in gravel. If you need to cross fields then walk on short grass and avoid high grass, and deep wooded areas with dense brush, packed leaves. The heavy vegetation areas are where ticks populate. Note ticks may jump onto you if you brush up against a branch of tree or shrub.


Check for tick bites by performing a full body search for ticks. Take your clothes off and use a mirror to view your backside. Check your head, ears, underarms, behind knees, waist and legs. If you feel pain or itchy in a certain area that you cannot view with your mirror, ask someone to check it for you. It may be a tick biting you.

Avoid spraying deet insect repellent on your skin as it may cause a rash.