Tidy up those storage boxes!

You may be very organized and meticulous when you box things up for storage, but somehow, over time, your storage area just looks chaotic. Cardboard boxes are balanced perilously, or starting to fall apart, and it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for. Clean up your storage area and keep it orderly with these storage secrets. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. And an orderly storage area will hold more than messy one, so you’ll gain valuable storage space.

Storage areas tend to be neglected, with used cardboard boxes piled on one another, making shaky towers of storage threatening to fall at any time. Even though when you box items up you believe you’ll be able to recall what is in the box, you won’t. Later, all of the boxes just have the same sad look.

Cleaning up your storage area might not seem like a high priority, but it has multiple benefits. You’ll be less frustrated when you can easily find what you’re looking for. Your items will last longer because they’re safely packaged and not falling out of damaged boxes. And you’ll have more room to store more of your things.

Used Storage Boxes

Used cardboard boxes are the enemy of a tidy storage area. They’re different shapes and sizes, never matching. They printed with their former contents, making it harder to clearly label them. Boxes that formerly held canned goods or bottles often don’t have a solid bottom, which is a poor foundation for your stored items.

And most importantly, they’re used: they aren’t going to last. They were made to be used and recycled, not reused for years.

Use Storage Boxes

Stop using old boxes made for other purposes, and use boxes meant for storage. You can select boxes that are the same length and width to make stacking easy and secure. Select boxes of different heights to fit your specific needs. Storage boxes don’t have to be made out of plastic. Environmentally friendly cardboard boxes will last a long time when they’re not used and not stacked at precarious angles.

Legibly Labeled

Cardboard storage boxes won’t have designs and markings of all shapes and sizes of the side of the box. This clean surface will let you clearly label each box. Don’t label your boxes with general terms like “kitchen items” or “holiday items”. This won’t help much when you need to find something. You don’t need to list every item in the box when you label it, just enough to be helpful, such as “grandma’s china” or “holiday tablecloths and centerpiece”.

Make it a habit to label one long side and one short side of every box. This way, whether the boxes are stacked where the short side is easier to read, or the longer side, you can stack your boxes with a clearly labeled side facing the right direction.

Store, Sell, Give Away or Toss

As you clean up your storage area, make 3 storage boxes for sorting items that don’t need to go back into storage: items to sell, items to give away, and items to toss in the trash. Organizing is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what you have stored and if it really is worth it for you to keep.

If you only want to hang onto something because of the good memories attached to it, consider taking a picture of it and letting it go. A cleaned up storage area is your reward, along with additional storage space, and no more deteriorating boxes spilling their contents everywhere.

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