Tim Kang on The Mentalist

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The character of Tim Kang on The Mentalist is without a doubt my second favorite mainstay in the series, next only to Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane. Kimball Cho, the name of Kang’s character has this very unique personality that just shines whenever he is on screen. He literally steals the show in all of the scenes that he is in. Actually, you can say that he has no personality at all as he is always methodical, poker-faced and efficient. He’s like a robot. People who aren’t fans of the show who unknowingly sees him in a random episode may think that he’s a robot. If that does happen, I’m not going to be that surprised. Because the character does look and act like a robot.

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Reasons Why I Love Tim Kang on The Mentalist
1. He is Asian. He’s of Asian descent. I’m of Asian descent. Therefore I like him. It’s not very often that you get to see Asians as leads in major television shows. When I first saw season 1 of The Mentalist, I had this feeling that Kimball Cho was just going to be an extra character in the show just like that tech guy from the CSI crime drama series. Oh well, I’m very glad that I was wrong. Kimball Cho turned out to be a lead character in the series and he appeared in all seasons of it. I couldn’t be any happier.
2. He has a sense of humor. I’ll have to admit that some of the funniest scenes in the show involved Kimball Cho. There was this bar scene where he went all Casanova getting the attention of the ladies in the bar. As Patrick Jane puts it, the “guy is a natural”. I couldn’t agree more. He played that scene perfectly, from the dramatic entrance to the rather aggressive pick-up lines which caught the ladies off-guard but impressed. And of course, how could anyone forget that perfect line when he said “You’re gonna die alone.” to his fellow agent Wayne Rigsby who can never find the courage to ask agent Grace Van Pelt out for a date.
3. Tim Kang on The Mentalist is mysterious. There is an air of mystery around him. Why is he always serious? What are the circumstances that caused him to develop such a distant personality? He never smiles. He doesn’t laugh to jokes. He’s as cold as a stone. Reading it on paper, he does not seem to be a very interesting person at all. But wait until you watch him on the series. He is an amazing character.
4. He is unpredictable. One of the highlights of Kimball Cho’s character in the show is his unexpected and short-lived love affair with a hooker named Summer. Who would have thought that a guy like Cho find love in a girl like her? He seemed to be contradicting himself and what he stood for. However, that love affair with Summer was a great addition to Cho’s best moments in the series.

I can’t imagine The Mentalist without Tim Kang. He, without a doubt contributed a lot to the show’s success. Watch out for Tim Kang in The Mentalist when the newest season of the show finally rolls out.

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