Time is money

Time is unstoppable aspect.Time once gone never returns back.Time is valuable and plays important role in our life.To reach the peak of success depends on the correct utilization of every second of time.There is a saying,’Time and tides waits for none’ so we must use time in correct manner.loss of valuable time leads us to failure.Every body should recognize and pay attention to importance of time.We can achieve a lot if we use time properly.I wanna say that time has power to lift people to the pillar of success.We must work according to time.

Time is a continue process.Nobody can stop time.Our life is also passage of time.Time is divided into

  • The past; it is gone already
  • The present;the precious time
  • The future;upcoming period.

Time is moving quickly.We cannot hold to passage of time.We must understand importance of time as to wealth.The man who work according to time can definitely earn much and can lead a happy life.The misuse of time has a direct impact on loss of life itself.We have to use it well and carefully as well.We should not waste even a single second of time.We should act according to time then only life can be as our plan; successful and enjoyable.As we have to accomplish many things in life so waste of time is not good.WASTE OF TIME is unforgivable and will only lead to our feeling of sorry when it will be too late to do anything.For a student he should read on time,sleep on time and do everything on time then only he can achieve good grades.For business doing people also every second of time is precious to make huge profit.By these we can know that time is really very valuable.

To put the matter in nut shell,those who understand the importance of time they reach the peak of success