Time To Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered what the most common fear is? The Fear of public speaking is the most common fear amongst humans and surprisingly, many people fear public speaking more than death! It is essential that we all get the right guidance in order to overcome the fear of public speaking when we are

young. By the time we reach adulthood we will no longer need to conquer fear of public speaking. If you want to be successful in your career, it is inevitable that at some stage you are going to have do some form of public speaking.

You may wonder why we should bother overcoming public speaking fear? There happen to be many benefits to overcoming your fear of public speaking. If you are looking for a job, you will automatically show more confidence during your interviews. The relationships you encounter in your business or workplace will greatly improve and so will the effectiveness of your seminars, conferences or presentations.

Your personal life will also blossom and grow because your confidence will encourage you to speak to strangers and expand your views and social circles. Public speaking may be something you become passion

ate about and you could make a career of it. This could it be full time or as an additional income source. Overcoming fear of public speaking has many rewards and can certainly prove worthwhile, once we have followed the guidelines that will ensure our success. Being able to do public speaking, greatly increases your power as a person. You will never be quiet again.

Fear of public speaking is characterized by performance anxiety in which the person is terribly concerned about whether they appear anxious to their audience or whether they will experience a panic attack during their presentation. This phobia becomes more chronic over time with avoidance tactics. People even choose careers that do not include public speaking over those they would really prefer in order to avoi

d public speaking. Others will go to extremes or just turn up late in order to avoid giving a speech. Most people are working on getting away from public speaking instead of working on overcoming fear of public speaking. This is a fear that can drastically hold back your career.

Some individuals try to get through public speaking by hurrying and trying to finish the speech as quickly as possible. Speaking fast interferes with your breathing. This will only make you feel as though you are running out of air and increase your anxiety. This is going to create a barrier between your audience and you. Others completely avoid engaging with their audience, even avoiding eye contact. By Focusing on your audience you will take the focus off of yourself and your anxiety. You may be surprised at how well you present despite your fear.

Realize that you are not alone, almost everyone will fear public speaking at some stage in their lives. How many of your audience are prepared to take your place? Very few. A fear of public speaking is natural. You fear what might happen, not that you do not know your subject. Understand that your audience are not hoping for your failure. They do not know that you are nervous and you can bluff them. It is almost certain that whatever you fear is never going to happen. Do not assume that you are a bad speaker when you have never done it, or because you have not had enough practice or experience yet. You are what you think you are. To become good at anything takes practice and time. Relax, do breathing exercises, engage your audience.

Steps To Take

The only way to overcome fear of public speaking is to stop putting it off, get on with it, do it! Fear grows when you keep putting off dealing with it. Forget the excuses and procrastination. All is not lost, If you make a fool out of yourself, you will begin to get more comfortable.

You can take courses in public speaking and join public speaking groups or forums in order to engage with like-minded people.

Record your speeches and review them. This will help you find the areas that you need to improve. Don’t worry to much about how you are getting the message across when you are beginning.

Make sure you know and understand your subject well.

Make a PowerPoint presentation that includes the main points you want to cover. Practice by filling in the blanks from memory. In this way you will know exactly what you want to say before you begin because it will be committed to memory.

Practice and Preparation always pays off. If your first speech is bad, consider the fact that you at least now have something to improve on.

Stop worrying about being perfect, this is not a necessity for a great speaker. Speak from you heart and people will sense your sincerity.

If your mind goes blank or you cannot remember where you were, use a distraction such as asking if those in the back if they can hear you, refer back to your notes. Ask everyone to take a break, stand up and stretch their legs for a few minutes.

Connect with your audience, before, after or during your speech. Get to know them.

You need to have a relaxed playful attitude, rather than being overly serious. You must enjoy what you are doing and your audience will too.

Be patient, don’t give up, persevere. Criticism is not a reason to quit. Get real feedback from others who do pubic speaking and have overcome the fear of public speaking.

Lastly, but not least, be WILLING to be a public speaker and overcome the fear of public speaking.

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