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Time to Speed Up Your Mobile Gadgets. Learn How to Do It with These Simple Tips

Every one of you might want to enhance the performance and speed of your mobile gadgets, irrespective of their shape, size, features, OS, and processors. But they might get trapped in scrolling through hundreds of tips published on how to speed up your computer tutorial websites. Since, a slow computer will not impress the highly energetic youth, so here are some of the quick tips to speed up PCs.

Many a times you may think about a number of factors while finding out the answer to your how to speed up your computer problems. How to speed up PC, how to remove the virus, how to backup data and many other tech queries may annoy an average user every day. Do you think that your device isn’t powerful enough to handle heavy applications, or simply its outdated configuration is binding the device to stay idle for long? Well, it might be the case sometimes, but not every time. Many times animations, heavy applications, high-resolution apps and their advanced features can be the reason behind slow performance or delayed response. Animations appear nice for the first few times, but later you may wish them to hurry up and stop wasting your time. It’s true that disabling (or reducing) animations can act like a PC speed maximizer on almost any interface. Quickly scroll through the article to know how to speed up PC on various OSes:

A) Windows

1. Open the Control Panel, click the ‘System & Security’ option, and then click System.

2. Click on the ‘Advanced system settings’ option from the sidebar and start searching for the ‘Settings’ option.

3. Click on the ‘Settings’ option under ‘Performance’ section and use the checkboxes to control the animations that Windows displays.

4. You can disable all of them by simply clicking on the ‘Adjust for best performance’ tab.

Note: These settings will work on every Windows PC ranging from Win XP and Win 7 to Win 8 and the Win 10 Technical Preview.

B) Android

• Enable the ‘Developer Options’ menu.

• Now, tap/click on the ‘Settings’ app, scroll down and tap on the ‘About phone’ or ‘About tablet.’

• Locate the ‘Build number’ field and tap on it for seven times.

• The user will get a notification claiming that ‘You’re now a Developer.’

• Tap the ‘Back’ button and then tap on the ‘Developer’ options, near the bottom of the ‘Settings’ menu.

• You can now activate the Developer Options slider by scrolling down to the bottom. Try and modify the ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale ’and ‘Animator duration scale’ options.

• You can select ‘Animation off’ option to disable all of them in one go or ‘Animation scale .5x’ to make them twice faster than average.

Note: Android’s hidden Developer Options menu dramatically accelerates the animations on both Android 4.x and Android 5.0.

C) iPhone & iPad

1. Open the ‘Settings’ app, tap on the ‘General’ option, and then tap ‘Accessibility.’

2. Tap on the ‘Reduce Motion’ option and activate the switch associated to the setting.

Note: The setting won’t eliminate the animations entirely, but it makes the animation appear cleaner and faster.

D) Mac OS X

You can easily control the animations on all the versions released prior to the OS X Yosemite by using the Dock’s preferences pane. Follow these steps to control the animations, and their operations:

1. Click on the ‘Apple’ menu, select the ‘System Preferences’ option, and then click on the ‘Dock’ button.

2. Choose the ‘Scale’ animation instead of the default ‘Genie’ animation to make your Mac PC run faster while minimizing and restoring the application.

E) Linux

If you’re using Ubuntu’s default Unity desktop, then probably you’ll have to install the ‘CompizConfig Settings Manager’ and use it to tweak the hidden graphical settings. You can tweak the settings to either speed up or eliminate the animations by disabling them or adjusting their duration.


Although there are numerous reasons behind the slow performance of a PC, but you should consider all the possibilities while figuring out how to speed up your computer queries. Almost all the graphical interface offers some options, tweak, and settings adjustments to reduce animations and enhance your PC’s performance, but you need to find the most optimal one. Some operating systems like the Windows and Android offer complete options but other like Mac OS X and Linux allows you to apply some tweaks to get desired results. But one thing is for sure that tweaking the graphical interface and eliminating or reducing animations will make your interface experience powerful and faster. Windows OS proves its simplicity and easy to operate user-interface (UI) by not adopting many changes in the animations settings and allowing users to apply same tweaks over its entire series.

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