Tips and Techniques to Get Your Ex Back If You Really Love Them

There are three stages to getting back your ex after she has dumped you. The first is the post-breakup stage, the second stage is to reintroduce yourself, and the final stage is to have a discussion on your relationship with your ex.

The first stage can be divided into several stages. At first, you need to understand why the breakup happened. Next, you need to somehow find out if the concerned person is still interested in getting back with you. In the first couple of weeks after the breakup you should try and stay away from her. You also need to focus on yourself at this stage and take a good and hard look at yourself. Try and become the person she fell in love with. You can also see other people in this stage.

At this stage you need to change the way you looked at the time when the breakup happened. In this stage too you should continue seeing others. However, if you are serious about your ex do not go too far with these ladies. Be good friends with them. Your efforts at becoming the person you were before – when you were together – should continue. In this stage it is important that you are available to her but try and be a friend first. You can also partake in casual meetings with them like going to a film or eating out. Try to fill the gap in her heart, if there is one.

The third stage is highly crucial. You have prepared the grounds for a reunion. Be the first one to talk about the present status. Try and focus on the good times that you have shared in the past. Be man enough to say sorry and accept that you were the one who messed up and drove both to where you both are right now. More than anything else, be genuine and show her that you treasure her more than anything and anyone else in the world. Never break her heart ever again and try and be the man that she dreams you will be.