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Tips and What to Consider when Starting a Comic Book Collection

Comic book collecting is something most of us have done still do or will do in the future. Some of us collected comics as children and started up the hobby again as adults.

Most adults who do this say they are collecting for their children but we know the truth. I know because I am one of those adults. When collecting comics there are a few things you need to consider in order to becoming a happy and successful collector.

First thing you need to consider is how much will the hobby cost you and how much are you willing to spend on your new comic collecting hobby.

Is there an amount you should be limiting yourself to every pay cheque or month to ensure you don’t let this fun hobby get out of control?

You probably should decide on what you can spend on comics before you get started or too far into it. I know from experience how easily you can spend too much without even realizing it.

Unless you have an endless supply of money I recommend that you decide on a maximum dollar amount you will let yourself spend per month on comics.

Next up is which comics are you interested in collecting. Are there possibly some comic book characters you haven’t heard of yet that you might be interested in?

Yes quite possibly. There are so many different comic characters these days that you would need a warehouse to collect every different title.

Some of the most collected and popular comics are from DC and Marvel. Some of the characters include Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, Thor, Green Arrow, The Hulk and many more. Comics are not just about super heroes and villains.

You can collect Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Casper, Richie Rich, Archie, Scooby Doo and so many more fun characters like these.

Now you can just collect randomly and be very happy doing so, some collectors prefer to stick to a few characters and try to collect whole series of that character. It’s obviously up to you.

Now you need to figure out where to start purchasing comics. Comics can be found in most stores that sell books, places like Chapters and even stores like Wal-Mart.

A more obvious place to buy comics would be a comic store; most cities have a few good comic stores to choose from.

If you buy from comic stores make sure to check prices at a couple of them as I have found that some have higher comic collecting supply costs than other larger retailers.

One of my favourite places to buy new and especially older comics is eBay. I have bought many comics at next to nothing on EBay. Check it out.

Another place you can buy comics is directly from the source, websites like DC Comics and Marvel offer discounts when you pay for a whole year.

You can have the comics mailed right to your door, how great is that? Definitely look around at multiple sources for collecting as it will pay off in savings.

One more thing to consider is whether to buy used or new. Younger people want new and most adults will collect older and new comics.

It depends on what you are going for. I have been collecting comics from the late 60’s and early 70’s recently. I do prefer the graphics of the newer comics though.

Storage space will be an issue quite quickly once you start bringing comics home. 10 or 20 comics are not very much but 4 or 5 hundred is and they do take up space.

Make sure you know where you will be storing your collection for easy access and safety. Which reminds me, make sure that if you are collecting comics for the long haul that you purchase comic bags and backer boards to store each comic in and also comic storage boxes to organize.

It makes comic collecting more enjoyable when you store them this way.

The last thing you might want to consider is when do you stop collecting comic books.

I haven’t considered this myself but I suppose for some it might be a good idea depending on your considerations for how much money you are devoting to this hobby or how much storage space you have.

I have collected many different things over the years and never considered when I would stop, eventually something new and appealing peaks my interest and that’s when I stop my current hobby. I hate to be a quitter.

Whatever you decide and whichever way you go with your comic book collection I know you will have fun doing it.


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