Tips for a Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake is one of those foods that is so rich, so delicious that it seems like ambrosia or manna from heaven but how do you find a healthy cake recipe for such a rich sweet? Surprisingly it is actually quite easy. There are simple ways to go about making a healthy cake recipe for a chocolate cake that are easily accomplished. For the most part you can choose one of two ways; either you amend a recipe that you already have to be a little healthier or you seek out a new recipe.

For those looking for a new recipe to make searching online will yield a number of results. For those that want to make a healthy cake recipe by amending one they already know the internet also has a number of tips. Let’s take a look at one of the ways that a chocolate cake can be created from a healthy cake recipe.

The Flourless Cake

It may sound strange but there is actually a way to produce a healthy cake recipe without flour. Flour is usually the primary ingredient in baking, however it is exactly this that leads to high carbohydrate content and high calories. For a chocolate cake that is low carb, it is possible to use a mixture of unseasoned black beans, eggs, baking powder, and cocoa to make a batter for the healthy cake recipe. Using black beans might sound strange, even unappealing. However, once the cake has actually been made and you are able to taste it you’ll realize that they’re perfect for creating a low-carb cake that this have the deliciousness of a regular chocolate cake. Odds are if you didn’t know the beans were in there you might not even notice that you’re eating a flour-free, low-carb treat made from a healthy cake recipe.

The Sugarless Cake

Creating a sugar free healthy cake recipe is actually much easier than it sounds and certainly much easier than doing it without flour. To make a sugar free cake simply substitute the sugar for an artificial sweetener. Many of these sweeteners are zero calorie and still provide the same sweetness that sugar does. However, with an artificial sweetener you’re actually making a healthy cake recipe. Another way is to go organic with your sugar by using raw sugar instead of refine. This won’t make for a sugar free healthy cake recipe but it does make it a bit more natural and allows the cake to retain its sweetness.