Tips for beautiful feet

One of the simplest ways of judging a person’s hygiene and care for skin can be done by looking at his or her feet. They are one of the most overlooked and least cared of all our body parts, and are important from a hygiene as well as a beauty point of view. Walking can become quite the task for you if your feet are not healthy. If you are on the search for some tips to help you keep your feet healthy and beautiful, then you’ve surely come to the right place!

• Keeping your feet in check: This is the first thing that you should do in order to keep your feet healthy- check them often. Look for any cuts, redness, blusters, change of color and so on. To look at the areas at the bottom of your feet, use a mirror. Be sure to perform a thorough check as regularly as possible.

• Washing: This basic step can solve a lot more foot-problems for you than you think. Washing your feet daily, using warm soapy water helps to clear the dead skin and dust off of it. Also, be sure to dry it with a towel properly, and do not forget the areas between your fingers while doing so. This is one of the best of natural foot care tips that you get.

• Getting rid of dead cells: While getting rid of the dead skin cells from your feet is somewhat achieved through washing, it is also essential to scrub your feet thoroughly to do so. This also keeps your feet soft, and serves as a helpful preventive foot care tip.

• Massage: Massaging your feet once a week will not only make you feel better, but it is also what will stimulate the nerves in your feet as well as increase blood circulation.

• Toenails: Trimming your toenails the right way is even more important than anything else. Trim them straight across, and then smoothen the edges using a nail file whenever required. Trimming your toenails after a bath will be easier as they were soft at that time and comparatively easier to cut.

• Calluses: Taking care of dead skin, especially at the pressure points of tips, are more important than anything else. Calluses and corns can become a common occurrence if you use tight footwear, or sandals and flip flops since they cause increased friction between certain points as you move. Use a pumice stone to file out and smoothing calluses after you’ve had a bath or shower. If it’s a much severe case, then contact your podiatrist as he may be able to help you with stronger moisturizing lotions.

• Selecting the right footwear: For selecting the right footwear, make sure that your selection leaves you with enough room to twist your toes. Before wearing shoes, also look at them for foreign objects to avoid any injuries or irritations.

These basic looking yet effective tips are what can help you maintain both healthy and beautiful feet, that too without too much of a fuss!