Tips for Bike riding in Winters

For some people, bike riding in winter is not a good idea. According to them, a bike looks well in the garage with protected layers of grease and bike covers until and unless the spring season arrives. But it is not like that, if you have a right set of bike gears and know about some other minor tips for riding then you can fully enjoy bike riding in the winter season.
Winter kit against the winter– A bike rider needs to ride with a proper comfort. In the winter season you need some layered clothing. In my opinion, instead of wearing such layered clothing, you must get some riding clothes. It can make a big difference adding more to your comfort level. Moreover, the winter gear kit must also include water proof gloves and shoes.
Respect the roads– Unlike other weather conditions, riding on roads is more difficult in winter season. Roads become more wet and icy. It is very difficult to get much grip on roads unlike the other seasons. In winters, all you need for a safe drive is to first choose your lane and then give yourself a proper space to get slow & apply breaks etc.
Take care of road visibility– Riding becomes more difficult during fog. You need to ride according to that condition. A Rider needs to be properly visible to other riders. You can do this by wearing reflective clothing or using yellow color lights which will offer better visibility in foggy season.
Take care of your mirrors– In winter season, it is extremely important to clear the mist from your bike mirrors and visor as well, since the uncleared mist can make your riding uncomfortable & challenging. To avoid such mist you should use anti-misting spray.
Check your lights regularly– You should also check your bike lights regularly. You must make sure that the lights are in proper working condition. Besides, also be ensured for their clear visibility.