Tips For Bringing Your Child To A Movie Theater

Because of their naturally shorter attention span and their unpredictable mood changes, children are usually not considered the best movie companions. However, if you really want to bring your kids to a movie theater, then there are some tips that might just help make the whole experience a little better.

Here are some of them.

  • Choose an appropriate movie

If your kid is the type that cannot sit through a whole movie, even when at home, then it would be best to find a show that is both short and engaging. Remember that children have a very active imagination so they will need and want constant stimulation in order to remain engaged in a particular activity. Otherwise, if the excitement or stimulation wanes, then their interest goes down with it.
Find a movie that is sure to catch their fancy, but will not over-stimulate them for too long. If you know your child well enough, you would already have an idea of what things he/she is interested in – animation, dinosaurs, vehicles, or musical. Whatever it is, use it to select that most appropriate movie for your child.

  • Prepare your child beforehand

Some children need to be psyched up or mentally conditioned before they watch. Prepare them beforehand by discussing what to expect in the cinemas in the Philippines or the movie itself. Try going to the shopping malls in the Philippines first and point out where the cinemas are.
If it is not your child’s first time to see the inside of a movie theater, then you can just concentrate on the good points – big screen, realistic sounds, popcorn, or perhaps the 3D experience. Drum it up a little to increase the anticipation. On the other hand, if it is your child’s first time, then don’t forget to tell him/her that it’s going to be nearly pitch black inside so he/she doesn’t freak out once all the lights are turned off.

Also, don’t forget to go to the toilet before the start of the movie. The cold, the anticipation, and the hour-long sitting usually induce urination so better to empty the bladder first before you take your seats.

  • Remember to give some assurances

Hold his/her hand to make your child feel a little bit more secured – so that he/she knows that you will be beside him/her the whole time. You can also whisper to him/her every once in a while just to make sure he/she is okay, but choose the timing wisely or you’ll end up interrupting his/her focus. If this doesn’t work, you can always share some popcorn and drinks with each other.