Tips For Buying A Used Car

Are you in the market to buy a used car? There are several things you need to know before plunking down your hard earned cash on a used vehicle. Make sure you understand all the important items to check over in ensure you are not buying a car that will be more trouble than what it is worth.

Older cars may have more miles on the speedometer, but this is to be expected. Sometimes a buyer gets lucky and finds a car that was only driven to the grocery stare and back, was always kept in the garage and has never been ridden in the back seat. These cars end up being a really good deal, as long as the car has been taken care of and is in good, over all condition.

Check out the engine before buying any car. The engine is the most important part of a pre-buy inspection. Do not just raise the hood and look over the engine. The previous owner may have washed down the engine to make it look good, but a clean engine does not make it a good running engine. Always test drive the vehicle and listen for knocks and surges, feel for any vibrations, and make sure there are no unusual odors such as burning smells.

Go over all four tires, looking for cracks, leaks and other damages.

Ask the owner if the vehicle has been in any accidents. Damage to the frame of car may not be noticeable by just glancing over the exterior. Pull up the Vin number of the car and check the Car Facts. Ask a friend to drive behind the car to see if the car dog legs. Drive the car and see how it handles on the open road. Do all the doors close properly.

Buying a used car to save money would not benefit the owner if the car ended up being a money pit. Inspect the car before buying to save the frustrations a lemon car may cause the new owner.

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