Tips For Buying Lampwork Beads Wholesale

Are you looking for the perfect bead for a necklace or bracelet? If you are, then lampwork beads are the perfect choice. Whatever jewelry item you are looking to create, you must consider including lampwork beads in your creation. This is because lampwork beads are beautiful and they are widely available. What makes them a unique choice for jewelry making is their production technique. Lampworking is an interesting technique used to create these beads and it can only be done by expert artisans.

Lampwork beads can be used to create that perfect look. So if you are looking to buy lampwork beads wholesale for a large jewelry making project, then you must consider the factors that can help you make the right choice. Given below are some tips for buying lampwork beads wholesale.

One of the first things that you must keep in mind is that not all lampwork beads are created equal. Some people believe that those which were created some time back are better in quality than the ones being created today. This is not always the case. Even new artists are able to create and sell high quality beads. So when buying, don’t just look at the age of the beads. Look at the physical characteristics of the beads as this is more important when it comes to determining its quality.

Another thing is that you must choose expert artisans. There are some crafters who are not that skilled and some crafters who do not use the right techniques. To enhance the durability of lampwork beads, it is essential that crafters use a kiln during its production. Many crafters will tell you that they don’t use a kiln and are still able to provide high quality beads. They may tell you that it is not necessary to use a kiln. This is not true. A kiln is essential because beads which are produced without the use of a kiln will not last long. When you buy beads wholesale from a particular seller or artisan, be sure to check their previous work first. Also make sure that the quality you see is the same that you will get.

Lampwork beads that you buy must be properly annealed. Only this will ensure that it is of good quality. Although a kiln may have been used during its production, lack of skill on the artisan’s part can lead to production of imperfect beads. So be sure that the beads have been annealed properly. Do not consider beads which have been cured using a crock pot, open flame, a heated blanket or vermiculite.

Check out the physical characteristics of the beads. The curves and sides must be puckered or spherical and there shouldn’t be any sharp edges. Concentrate on the joints and small corners and also for soft spots of crevices. The stringing area of the bead must not have weak points. If there is any flexibility with the bead or any part of the bead, it means it was not heated or cured properly.