News Tips for Choosing Buyer Advocates in Melbourne

Tips for Choosing Buyer Advocates in Melbourne


If you are in the market for a new property in and around the Melbourne area, you’re likely thinking of securing the helpful services of a buyer advocate. They help buyers find their ideal properties and negotiate good deals. Since there are many buyer advocates working in the Melbourne area, the following tips can help you select one that can help you meet your property goals.

Extensive Experience

When searching for buyer advocates in Melbourne, you definitely want to work with an agent that has extensive industry experience. Many homeowners may only transact a few property deals in their lifetime. For this reason, it makes sense to work with someone that has considerable experience transacting property deals. Experience is one of the main reasons property buyers seek out the services of buyer advocates. You can simply ask your agent about how many property deals they have negotiated as well as how long they have worked as an agent in the Melbourne region.

Melbourne Expertise

When you choose a buyer advocate, you likely want to deal with someone that has extensive coverage of the Melbourne area. As a large city with considerable outlying areas, Melbourne has a thriving housing market. However, to be able to access this large market, you want to ensure that your agent covers as much of the region as possible and certainly the particular areas where you want to purchase a property.

Extensive Network and Contacts

When you choose an agent, it makes sense to work with one that has an extensive network of contacts. This is another reason why many buyers choose to work with buyer advocates in Melbourne. An agent that has a large network can often help buyers avoid a lot of the fuss of dealing in the open market. Often an agent has access to properties that aren’t listed on the market yet because of their contacts within the industry. Many buyers have great luck securing properties through their agent’s contacts.

Solid Credentials

All buyer advocates should have certified credentials for operating in Australia. If you’re unsure if your agent has credentials, you can ask for proof. You want to work with an agent that is qualified to assist you. Credentials ensure that you are getting the professional service you need when purchasing property.

Research Savvy

When you choose a buyer advocate, you want to make sure that they have the best industry tools and resources for property hunting. Remember that your property is an investment. You don’t simply rely on your buyer advocates to find properties in Melbourne; you also need information regarding investment viability. A good buyer advocate takes time to research similar properties to provide you with information regarding cost and whether or not the property is, in fact, a sound investment. Agents that do not spend time researching may not be providing you with the smart guidance you need to make a good property investment.

Free Consultation

It makes sense to meet with a buyer agent before securing their services. You may click with one agent better than another. Agents that offer free consultations allow you to get to know them to ensure that they’re the type of agent that is right for you. You want to ensure that your buyer advocate ‘gets’ you and understands exactly what you’re looking for in a property investment. You can also find out if the agent specializes in properties in your price range. If you are hunting for a brand new property but your agent keeps mentioning fixer-uppers, you might not have a good match.


Finally, buyers need to work with buyer advocates that are results-driven and self-motivated. If you continually have to chase your agent down and pester them for information, they may not be as excited to find you a property as another agent might be. Your property search is of paramount importance to you, so you need an advocate that takes your search seriously and is willing to expend all the effort needed to find you that great deal.

When you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to secure the services of a good buyer advocate in the Melbourne area. Of course, it always helps to ask for references, which can also help you make your decision.

Tips for Choosing Buyer Advocates in Melbourne
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