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Tips for Choosing the Right Call Center Service Provider for Your Business

As enterprises are outsourcing their back office processes to contact centers, it is important to select the right service provider. This article attempts to share knowledgeable insights with the readers on how to select the right call center service provider for their business.

The call center services have become the global face of ITES/BPO industry. It is quite evident that contact centers are considered as a focal point in strengthening better relationship between clients and customers to stage better trade associations. They adopt prudent approach with unsurpassed business process outsourcing models that are customized in line with dynamic business requirements of all-sized businesses, irrespective of their nature and size of business.

By leveraging the state-of-the-art infrastructure of call centers backed by multilingual support of the experts employed by the service providers, organizations can benefit in following ways:

  • More business opportunities
  • Improved customer service
  • Higher sales conversion ratio
  • Better revenue
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Minimum time-to-market
  • Better brand image
  • Healthier alliance with associates across the entire supply chain network

The third parties are adept at proficiently meeting the aforementioned objectives of the clients on time by delivering world-class call center services. To efficaciously congregate these motives, enterprises need to wisely select the right service provider capable of offering a wide array of outsourcing solutions – inbound, outbound, and web enabled services.

This article attempts to share some tips with its readers on how to develop the right strategy while selecting an appropriate business supplier

One of the practical ways to determine a suitable business partner or vendor is predominantly making a trade-off between cost savings and greater value. If research reports are to be believed, enterprises have witnessed approximately 10%-15% improvement in their existing processes in just five years of their engagement with an appropriate BPO partner. Those with high business value witnessed greater competitive advantage in comparison to the organizations that merely opted to outsource for cost savings.

While finalizing a vendor, companies need to look for the following key factors to determine their failure or success in the longer run.

These include:

Acquaintance with the local market: It is widely accepted fact that local players are more capable of understanding and managing the requirements of indigenous companies. Plus, they have a better understanding of local government and industrial regulations as well as compliance requirements; it is favorable for the firms to count on a locally established call center service provider with trained professionals in handling multiple client requirements.

Wide global presence: The agencies having offices situated in worldwide locations are known to have a better understanding of global standards and regulatory norms. Many research reports have confirmed that such service providers are backed by cutting edge technology along with a persistent record of delivering better services to its clients on a broader scale.

Adaptability to multiple IT platforms: Another important criterion while choosing a service vendor is its capability to effortlessly integrate with multitude IT platforms of client’s like ERP software, HRMS, SAP solutions, etc. A vendor that is easily able to set-up interface with its customer’s platform is always regarded as a viable business decision.

Comprehensive understanding of client’s business: It is an important requisite that the chosen third party service provides has a holistic understanding of its client’s business, which includes the wide array of products and services provided by the clients, its goals and objectives, and its short term and long term desired results.

Trusted client testimonials: While searching for the right BPO provider, client references are always given a preference. The satisfied clients can always bring more business to the service provider. Hence, it is always advisable to take into account non disclosure agreements of the contact center unit to completely validate the information shared by the agency.

Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, it is all about the satisfaction of your end users. As contact center representatives directly interacts with your customers, it is essential to ascertain the knowledge and accountability of the employees recruited by the agency in order to ensure high customer satisfaction levels.

To conclude, while selecting a call center service provider enterprises needs to assess the agency on above mentioned points and accordingly make a decision. This will not only improve their sales and revenues, but also enhance their brand image in the marketplace.

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