Tips For Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon For You

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There are many reasons for seeking out Los Angeles plastic surgeons, including restorative surgery and cosmetic surgery. You may have been involved in an accident, have a genetic condition, or desire a cosmetic change. Whether the procedure is necessary or voluntary, it is still a major surgery that could have complications. Therefore, you want to ensure that you choose the right person to perform the procedure. These tips can help you to find a reliable person that will reduce the risk of dangerous consequences.

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Research Their Medical Background

The very first feature that you should look for when assessing Los Angeles plastic surgeons is their medical background. They should have a solid education from an accredited medical school, as well as have undergone additional residency programs in general and plastic surgery. The more experience they have ensures that they know what they are doing. Furthermore, you want someone who is a board certified plastic surgeon, like the doctors at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, which means that they have met the necessary requirements for performing the surgery. You should also check their record for any malpractice suits and other disciplinary actions, as this can provide vital information about their capabilities and past performance.


There are different types of plastic surgery, so you want to choose a doctor who specializes in the procedure you need. For example, if you are getting reconstruction surgery on your nose after an accident, then you want a doctor with expertise in rhinoplasty. If you are choosing to have a breast augmentation, then you want a doctor who specializes in this procedure. The more experience and expertise the doctor has in the particular procedure, the more competent he or she will be, which will reduce some of the risks involved in the procedure. You do not want to be the first patient a doctor has for a particular procedure.

Questions to Ask Prospective Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons

When you meet with your doctor for the initial consultation, you should bring a list of questions with you. Even if you have already researched the doctor’s area of expertise and background, you should still ask him or her about it, including how many times he or she has performed your specific operation. You can also ask about who will assist in the procedure, including their qualifications. You also want to know where the surgery will be performed, whether in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or in the doctor’s office. If you have a chronic medical condition that could complicate the procedure, be sure to discuss it with the doctor to ensure that it will be sufficiently managed and adequate emergency plans are in place. You also should discuss your financial responsibility, including how much will be covered by insurance, when applicable. It is also up to you to ask any questions about the actual procedure, including whether you will be under a general anesthetic and what the recovery time will be.

You should always use a doctor with whom you feel confident and comfortable. Even if the doctor has all the qualifications, if you do not feel comfortable then it may benefit you to choose someone else. Although most of these procedures are not risky, any surgery could lead to complications, including infection. Therefore, you should always be careful when selecting your doctor from the various Los Angeles plastic surgeons.

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