Tips for Curing Wood Fired Pizza Oven – 4 Essential Tips to Use

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Wood fired pizza ovens – often referred to by other names like Forno – were originally built as an outdoor oven. These types of ovens utilize wood fuel for cooking purposes. It is essential that you cure your oven prior to using it for the first time for cooking pizzas. Curing an oven actually means lighting a medium fire in it and allowing it to cool for 5 times.

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4 Essential Tips to Cure Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Curing the oven is essentially a process to get rid of the additional water molecules within the oven materials and make sure that the oven lasts longer. Using a wood fired oven is much simpler that it actually looks like. Below mentioned are 4 easy steps to cure the wood fired oven.

  1. Allow your oven to dry for at least a week. If you try to dry your oven by simply lighting a fire then it can lead to cracks in the oven. You may like to allow more time to dry your oven if you live in an area with high humidity.
  2. Once you have waited for about 7 days, spend 5 more days to build fires and allow constant temperature maintenance at least 8 hours a day. It will be good for the oven if you can do more than that.
  3. Start the fire by collecting 3-4 hardwood strips and about 8-10 dry kindling sticks. You should only make use of solid wood to cure your oven. Do not use sappy woods such as pine, charcoal or chipped woods. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid or any liquid fuel to start the fire. Use of only solid wood will make the fire start within some minutes. Never use water to put out the fire
  4. Begin heating the oven at 150°C on the day you start and then raise the temperature by at least 10°C every day. You can make your oven grow more used to high temperatures by this slow temperature increase. Go on raising the temperature until you attain the temperature that you require. You may end up damaging your oven unless you allow enough time in the heating process.

When you are cooking with a wood-fired pizza oven, it is best to move the location of the fire and bring it to the oven sides. With this you will have more control over the cooking and your pizza will also be tastier.

Benefits of Cured Wood Burning Ovens
Ever since proper cooking has been done, wood fired oven have been in use. You cannot compare the benefits of using these ovens to the traditional ones. You can get the following benefits out of your oven once it is cured.

  1. You can cook as many as 50 pizzas in a single day. These types of ovens can handle very high temperatures and will be the best to bake as many pizzas as you want.
  2. You can get a classic smoky flavor in your pizzas, which is impossible in traditional kitchen ovens. Even the flavor of oils used in cooking, such as olive oil, is lost due to the extreme temperatures of the traditional ovens but in the wood fired oven you will get it all.
  3. You can make your oven last for a long time, despite extended and extensive use. Much like a well-oiled machine, it will continue to serve you every day without breaking down.

Wood fired pizza ovens look stylist and are great to use. Once you cure it in a proper way, you will be able to use it in a proper manner and make pizzas as and when you want.

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Tips for Curing Wood Fired Pizza Oven – 4 Essential Tips to Use, Seekyt
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