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Tips for Designing Custom Restaurant Menu

When people go to a restaurant, they want to enjoy some great food in a nice and peaceful ambience which would help them bond with their families and friends and rejuvenate them. Thus it is the duty of the restaurant owners that they create a heart warming ambience and mouth watering food for their customers. But is that all?

The customers expect a delightful menu from the restaurant which would tickle their taste buds. But most often than not, the restaurant menu is a plain disappointment with item names being dumped under some headings and no details about the food items being available.

It is very important that the menu of the restaurant is designed in a very attractive and informative way so that the customers do not have a hard time deciding on what they should order and are well aware of what to expect. Here are a few tips that would help one in designing a custom restaurant menu:

Color Schemes and Designs: The first thing that would a customer would be the overall design of the menu. One should choose a color scheme that suits the theme of the restaurant. One can also match the color and design of the menu with the interior décor. In addition one can use place cards and table tents that announce special offers or new dishes that have been introduced as these would catch the special attention of the customer.

Layout of the Menu: A properly laid out menu plays a very important role in attracting the attention of the customers and makes them take notice of the important items on the menu. The layout of the menu should be properly planned and the ideal way would be to start from drinks, then appetizers and soups, then move to the main course and finally the dessert section. One can also design a separate menu for drinks.

Descriptions of Items: It is advisable to describe each and every item on the menu as this would give a better idea to the customer as to which items would suit their taste and which would not and help them to order accordingly.

Other Information: Most people think that all a menu should consist of is the details of the items served in the restaurant. This is not true. One can make the menu more interesting by adding more details like the details of the chef, his favourite dishes on the menu, testimonials of celebrities who might have eaten at the restaurant, information about the owner, details about other branches of the restaurant, phone numbers of the restaurant in case they provide home delivery services as well.

Accuracy: One should add images of food items in the menu as this would be an added attraction. But one should consult the chef before adding the image as customers would expect to be served with a similar looking dish.

With a little thought and care one can design a custom restaurant menu that would attract the customers and gain them more business.

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