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Tips for drivers before a long trip

If you are going to make a long trip, the following recommendations will be useful for you.

The first advice is to consider the carrying capacity of your car. You should remember that cargo weight should not exceed the values established by the manufacturer for the vehicle. Thus if you have KIA Sorento its permissible load is 544 kg. Do not forget about it while packing your luggage.


It is better to pack things for their intended purpose. For example, pack bathing and sports suits of all family members, warm clothes, bedding to rest in the parking lot and so on. You will not need to open the suitcase constantly and sort the things out, increasing the mess. You can pack all the things in advance, and at the last moment you can put food and other stuff. The car must be in perfect order before departure, regardless of the length of the rout.

First of all your car should be clean both inside and outside. It is also necessary to wash the engine. The lights and windows should be clean. It is very important because at dusk and when it is dark people see worse.

Check the distance between the contacts of the breaker, and if it is necessary, replace them. Inspect the spark plugs, clean or replace them, if it is required.

Before the trip you should change the oil in all oil tanks. Take the time and tighten loose screws and nuts on the chassis and the engine. You should pay serious attention to the tires, wheels and especially the brakes.

Do not forget about the battery. Check if it is necessary to add the electrolyte, to recharge and clean it. When packing things, do not forget to put a screwdriver, a wrench and other tools. For example, Nissan Versa has the most essential tools in a fabric pouch attached with an elastic band under the driver’s seat, it is very convenient. You can visit this site to find Nissan Versa.

Devote the evening and night before the departure to rest. Try to go early in the morning. It is cool in the morning, and there are few cars on the road, so your trip will be much more pleasant.

Approximately in every 2 hours of motion, as well as you feel tired, you are recommended to do a simple set of physical exercises for 3-5 minutes. For example, lean back and throw back your head. Do it 5-10 times. Do deep squats 8-10 times. Bend forward, back, to the left and right.

Fresh air disperses drowsiness very well. Open the window. Try to talk to your passenger. You are also recommended to listen to music. If, after taking these measures you still feel sleepy, you just need a good rest. It should take the car out of the roadway and try to take a nap. Even 15-20 minutes of sleep have amazingly refreshing effect. If you are unable to sleep, just sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed.

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