Tips for Healthy Gums and Teeth

These tips for healthy gums and teeth are all you will need to keep gums free from gum disease and keep your own teeth for as long as you live. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have the need for dentures? If you’re young you might be thinking that when you get that old you won’t care, but trust me you will care, because wearing dentures is no picnic. My mother’s problems with her dentures have made me see the light, you might say, and I hope you will too.

Simply brushing teeth a couple of times a day is a given and is not enough my any means. Even flossing a couple of times a day along with it doesn’t get it either, so if this is all you do you definitely need to keep reading. Many people are scared of the dentist and avoid dental appointments like the plague, but this is a huge mistake and I know this because I did it for many years. I paid for it too with gum disease and the loss of a few teeth.

These days, after learning my lesson, I make sure I am at the dentist every 6 months no matter what and you need to do the same. If at all possible get dental insurance and if not then pinch pennies elsewhere to be able to visit the dentist.

My next tip is a bit harder to follow and that is to cut back or cut out junk foods and drinks that do damage to teeth. This is mostly sugar and includes sugar filled gum and hard candies. Snacks aren’t a good idea either unless you plan to brush after eating them. If you insist upon snacking keep dental floss somewhere and use it along with rinsing the mouth thoroughly and maybe chew a sugar free piece of gum for good measure.

The use of a good antiseptic mouthwash on a daily basis, especially before going to bed, will get rid of bacteria and germs that do damage to gums and teeth as you sleep is a must. When brushing be sure to brush the tongue as well as roof and sides of mouth and use a quality electric toothbrush to do it. If you really want to be vigilant then use a waterpik as well. We’re talking every day and not just every now and then, consistency is the key.

A handy toothbrush sanitizer is another excellent way to keep bacteria and germs out of your mouth, since it keeps the sterile and ready to go. The Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Sanitizer is a wonderful gadget and it’s cheap at only $7.

When it comes to the elderly and gum disease it is even more imperative to be vigilant as gums naturally recede with age and the immune system weakens causing a higher risk of infection than can lead to heart disease and stroke.

There you have it the best tips for healthy gums and teeth that you can find and all you need to do is do them.