Tips for High Quality Concrete Slabs for Commercial Buildings

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As a widely known fact, concrete slabs are used for many different types of buildings and construction projects all across the UK. While it is widespread that concrete slabs are used in the foundations of the buildings, they are also used to support heavy traffic, semi-trailer trucks and patio furniture. You will find concrete slabs in many different forms, but you need to select the right one best suited for your construction project.

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What is the Right Approach for Concrete Placement

Making a concrete slab isn’t a child’s play. You need to do some advance planning and learn the right skills or techniques to ensure the best quality outcome. Particularly if you are a commercial contractor, you need to ensure that the concrete mix you use in preparing slabs is of superior quality. It is recommended to order ready mix concrete to ensure the best quality and avoid many hassles.

Certainly it demands ample experience and great expertise to build concrete slabs in the most effective manner. No matter if you are a contractor or an individual going for a DIY concrete slab project, you ought to have the right equipment or tools and skills to place slabs in the correct way. A right technique, if followed, will prevent your slab from cracks, scaling and dust.

You need to ensure that the base you prepare for your concrete slab doesn’t contain any vacant areas and you will need to compress subgrade properly in order to do achieve this. A concrete slab placed on the poor subsoil if experiences a good amount of traffic or witness harsh environmental conditions is more vulnerable to cracks and collapse.

You need to determine the correct concrete mix design and specifications considering all the above points, including traffic, weather condition, etc., in mind. You also need to ensure the right cement to water ratio as well as air entrainment to make the slab fulfil its role. Once your slab is placed, follow the recommended curing technique. Cured concrete slabs have been found more durable and longer lasting than uncured ones.

Why Use Ready Mix Concrete for Your Commercial Project

Are you looking for a commercial concrete supplier in your area? Find a reliable and reputed concrete supplier company in your area offering high-quality ready mix concrete to commercial clients. If you are not aware, the concrete mix production companies hold more than 60% share in the concrete world of the UK.

The production of ready mix concrete at a supplier’s batch plant is all computer controlled to ensure right water to cement ratio, moisture level, weigh-batching, dosage of admixture, etc. The least manhandling is involved in the process and thus consistent quality is guaranteed. Once prepared, advanced drum mixers and volumetric trucks are used to deliver this ready to lay concrete at the construction site.

Ordering ready to lay concrete not just ensure best quality, but also save resources, time and space, making it a viable solution for all contractors! Ready mix concrete is an environment-friendly concrete solution. Want to get benefited by the big strides being taken by the ready-mix concrete industry of the UK, find a good commercial concrete supplying company today!

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