Tips For Installing Vinyl Banners With Rope

There are many options for installing vinyl banners indoors and outdoors. However, in the absence of various kinds of hardware and other supplies, many would prefer simply to use rope. While it is not the best possible material to use for a number of reasons, it is certainly effective if you follow a few simple tips. Knowing how to install outdoor banners with rope will afford you the best possible success.

Reduce Stress on the Grommets

Because rope is not flexible like bungee cords, the stress caused by wind and other weather conditions will fall on the grommets of your banner signs. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a different rope for each corner grommet, and perhaps center grommets as well, to ensure that no one area is receiving the most pressure. This will reduce the risk of tearing and pulling away from the vinyl.

Use Weather Resistant Rope

All rope is not created equal. If you are wondering how to install outdoor banners with rope that will last a long time without decaying or rotting from moisture, sun, and stress, you should consider using nylon rope that is made for boaters. Rope made with cotton fibers will wear away over time, so if you are hanging vinyl signs you hope to leave out for a long period of time, your cotton or polyester rope will eventually rot away.

Find Stable Anchors

As with any other tools and materials, using stable anchors such as trees, fence poles, or sign posts is the first step in figuring out how to install outdoor banners with rope. These anchors should be the appropriate distance apart to allow for the banner signs to be installed so that they can hang taut, making them easy to read and attractive to look at.

How to Do It

There is no secret in knowing how to install outdoor banners with rope. Your banner should feature grommets at the top and bottom. Thread a rope through each corner grommet, and secure it tightly to each anchor; these ropes should be secured so that the knots will not come loose, but also so that they will not slide up and down, folding the banners or allowing them to “flop” over. Be sure to use a knot that is secure, such as those used by boaters so that you can count on the knot to remain tight for the duration of your event.