Tips for Maternity Photography Session

As you proceed through the stages of pregnancy and glow with all the pride of embracing motherhood, what better way to capture these special moments of your growing tummy than calling on maternity photographer Oshkosh? Pregnancy endows mothers-to-be with a unique beauty and glamour with streaks of happiness flashing on your face as you look down on your belly or the beauty of your graceful silhouette as it takes up a new garb. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your motherhood is captured in the best way possible in its pre-natal stage.

Pick out the Right Time and Location: You might feel baffled as to which time would be the right time to go for photographic session. Shooting in the first trimester may be deemed too early since your ultimate focus for maternity photography is your baby bump and at this time it would not have come to a significant size. The last few weeks once you are approaching your due date may be too weary for you to move about comfortable. The ideal time to capture your maternity pictures is around 7 and a half to eight months when your bulge is in full bloom and you too look stunningly beautiful.

While choosing the location contemplate on the studio which can be the ideal place to click photographs since the background may be altered according to your preferences and there is ample lighting to experiment with. However, what can be a better setting than your own hearth and your bedroom which can be set up in a romantic mood with apt lighting and décor? Consider outdoor localities with privacy which have the right amount of lighting preferably in the morning hours. Ponder on what suits you best and where you are most comfortable taking pictures and go for it.

Right Angles and Poses: Experiment with various poses and angles whereby the focus should ultimately be your bump. Click photos by placing your hands on your belly, looking down and smiling, from high above or from the sides, sitting and standing and focusing straight on the bump at an angle of 45 degrees.

Get the Dad: Your maternity photographer in Oshkosh will tell you to bring in the Dad-to-Be as well to capture some nice couple photos close together. After all, he has been through a lot in those nine months as well. Having your husband beside you will also put you at ease and add an element of romance, emotion and joy in your photographic session. Snuggle in each other’s arms and try different poses with expressions which bring forth the happiness of the anticipation of the new one and embracing a new beginning to your life.

Put on the Right Clothes: Rummage your wardrobe for close-fitting clothes like maxi dresses, T-Shirts and casual knits which hug your body and accentuate your bump while not feeling too tight to be uncomfortable. Don your fashionable avatar by taking on various kinds of accessories to go with various outfits for taking different snaps.

Feel and Look Beautiful: Finally, the magic touch to any maternity photo is lent to expressions which naturally exude the feeling of happiness and beauty that dwells in your heart. Hence, feel beautiful and look pretty by opting for a professional makeup artist and hair-dresser to do up your hair. After all, it may not be months before you get to go to so fashionable after this with the baby on its way and keeping you busy the whole day.