News Tips for Maternity Photography Sessions

Tips for Maternity Photography Sessions


Being pregnant is both amazing and weird. It’s exciting and overwhelming too (the feeling of being the state forever) and a whole lot of mixed emotions. The importance of time surely calls for capturing the moments to relish them for a lifetime. The following article provides some practical tips for ensuring you have fun at the shoot while ensuring all the emotions are articulately captured. Read on to know.

Taking time out of the rush of baby preparations and birth to organize a maternity photography session can be highly rewarding giving you memories to cherish for an entire lifetime. Before getting to the tips for a successful maternity photography session there are two things that a to-be-mother or a to-be-father needs to understand.

Investing a little more to have a photographer whose work you admire will help you enjoy the session as well as rest assured of great results. Besides, the fact that you’ve been admiring the photographer’s work will also bring in excitement in the event. Also talk to your photographer about

  • Location,
  • Best time of the day to shoot at the location, your, your partner’s and other older children’s (if any) outfit,
  • Your preferences about how much you dare to bare i.e., fully clothed or bare belly images,
  • Photographs that you’ve loved of the same photographer’s or some other photographer’s for guidance about what kind of photographs you’d want to be taken.

Also, the best time to get photographed is between 7-8th month of pregnancy when you’re belly will be in full shape but won’t be uncomfortable.

Tips for the session

Indoors & outdoor location – Use both your home and an outdoor location to be photographed. Choose an outdoor location that you love. However, ensure the weather is comfortable outdoors. The bare belly shots can be taken indoors if you arnt comfortable with shooting them outdoors.

Time of the day – While the best time for the outdoor maternity photography session would be during the first two hours of morning after sunrise or two hours before sunset, the indoor shots can be taken when the sun is high up. Two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset are the magical golden hours when the outdoors can best be leveraged for outdoor photography.

Clothes – Since the tummy is what will need all the attention, wear something that hugs your body but isn’t uncomfortable. Maxi dresses are a great choice. However, you can also a t-shirt that hugs your frame over a legging or jeans. Opt for layers and textures. Wear cool pair of shoes that are comfortable and a statement necklace to add texture to the photograph. Simple bikini bras or bandeau bras should be your choice for the belly to be visible at its best.

Makeup – Invest in professional makeup for the day, it will help enhance the photographs. get your hair ringlets done or the blow-dry effect you love. Keep the makeup minimal but impactful such as a good eye makeup and a light lip gloss should do. Take ample rest before the photo shoot to be fresh when you begin with your session.

Tips for Maternity Photography Sessions
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