Tips For Men: Four Tips To Looking Hot And Sexy This Summer

Summer has always been a top favorite by many people. The good weather is simply hard to resist as it promises fun-filled memories and extraordinary experiences. So whether you are going out of town, hitting the beach or merely reporting for work on a regular day, it should always be an opportunity to look good and be at your best.

How To Look Hot And Sexy This Summer
Know the secrets to looking hot and sexy this season. Here are four tricks to show you how.

1. Workout! You don’t necessarily have to build a six-pack abs to appear incredibly hot. Developing a few muscles on the arms and legs and removing that beer belly are enough. Maintain an ideal weight that goes well with your height. Make it a habit to exercise in the morning. Do some stretching, sit-ups and push-ups to get rid of unnecessary fats. Don’t forget to shower afterwards. Walk your way to your workplace when you have the chance. Ride a bike when you visit the nearby grocery store. Combine your routine with healthy eating and sufficient water intake and you’re good to go.

2. Get tanned. Most women find a bronze body very, very attractive. Go to the pool or even at your backyard, take advantage of the sun and get a nice tan. Wear sunscreen instead of sunblock to shield you from the effects of the UV (ultraviolet) rays. Apply it approximately 20 minutes before going outside. Avoid peak hours – that’s usually at 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Lie out for 15 minutes only and gradually add 5 or so per week. Once you have the golden glow, use a moisturizer daily to make it last.

3. Pick clothes and footwear that complement with your built and skin tone. Remember that your choice of clothing matters a lot. Time to shelve your wholesale crooks hoodies and pull out those wholesale tees. Have several white cotton tees and vibrant-colored, good-fitting T-shirts. Go for patterned or printed shorts that are no shorter than 2-3 inches above and no longer than an inch below your knees just enough to impress leg power. Pair your ensemble with espadrilles, boat shoes or leather flip-flops. Needless to say, your wardrobe will vary depending on the occasion but generally, the above suggestion works well for something casual.

4. Be confident. There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows himself. So work on your posture, head and hand movements so as to display confidence. Don’t forget to smile and maintain eye contact.