Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in 2015

A bathroom remodel is all about usability and luxury. Whether you only have 25 square feet of space or you have a large en-suite, you can remodel your bathroom to make sure it is as luxurious as you need. Discuss your plans with your plumber and contractor, then get the blueprints and materials made to get the bathroom of your dreams. First, take into account a few space saving measures and fixtures that you will need to remodel your new unit to make it work best for you.
Change out the Flooring to Something Luxurious

If you have tile floors in your bathroom, this is the first thing that you should strip and take out of the restroom. Bathrooms floors look best with larger tile or marble flooring. Large tile is also less likely to attract the dirt and grime in the spaces that smaller tile floors tend to attract. If your flooring and shower combination has the same type of tile, remove the tile from both fixtures and replace with the new material of choice.

Consider Heated Flooring

In the winter time, one of the biggest complaints is getting out of the shower or bath and putting your feet on the cold floor. With radiant heated flooring, you can heat up your floors to make them comfortable after your baths and showers. Radiant heating floors will need to be installed prior to putting down the floors themselves, so remember to have this done before laying your flooring during a bathroom remodeling.

Get High Tech Gadgets for your Bathroom

Even with a little bit of space, you can upgrade your bathroom with electronic gadgets to make your life a little bit easier. Instead of the usual towel rack, install an electric towel warmer that will provide you with a warm fluffy towel each morning. If you spend a lot of time in your bathroom grooming, install a radio inside of the shower. A radio will allow you to relax and listen to your morning and night news while you are enjoying your bath.

Install a Full Body Shower

If showers are an important part of the day for you, a full body shower with several shower heads will make bath time even more fun. Full body showers can be installed in a shower stall off any size. Full body shower heads can also help you use a little bit less water, as you are able to wash and rinse more quickly than with your average shower head. To make it easier to turn on and off, have button controls installed in the shower so that you can pause the flow of the water with just one touch.

Bathroom remodels tend to bring more value to a home. If you are looking to sell your home, or if you want a better bathroom for your own pleasure, consider going with more electronic bathroom fixtures and making the bathroom colors and décor as relaxing as possible. A bathroom upgrade will make your entire home feel brand new and much more modern.