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Tips for Removing Rodents from Your Home

Rodents are able to find their way into homes rather easily. The slightest gap in the exterior of the home is a gateway for them to enter. It’s likely that you will need to contact a rodent removal company for assistance, especially when your own efforts are not good enough. The company will be able to inspect the home to find the point of entry. Trapping efforts and deterrents will be placed near that location while working on finding the rodents in the rest of the home. It is a process that could take several visits.
Call Pest Control Services
Rodent removal companies and pest control services have a variety of options to remove the pests from the home. Some of those tactics include setting traps, spraying deterrents and blocking access points. When you call for service, the technician will inspect the exterior of the home after looking at the most prominent area of the rodent’s presence in the home.
Once the main concentrated area of the rodent or pest is determined, a course of action is discussed with you.
Set Humane Traps
If you merely wish for the rodents to be released back into nature, but far from your home, humane traps are an option. The rodent control company will bait the traps and wait for your call that the traps have worked. If several days pass and no rodents are caught, it’s time to try something else. It may not be as humane, but it will help to make the home rodent free.
Seal Holes and Cracks in the Home’s Exterior
Sealing cracks and holes in the home’s exterior is something that you can do yourself. Once the problem areas are pointed out to you, it is best to get the materials to fix the problem quickly. This may result in the rodents being trapped in the walls of the home. This is both a blessing and a danger. While it does force the rodents to die, in most cases, they can do damage to the walls, electrical and plumbing in the meantime. Not to mention that the decaying bodies of deceased rodents can pose a health risk.
If drywall dust is noticed anywhere in the home, the rodents are attempting to eat their way out of the walls because they are trapped. If the rodents gain entry to the main living areas in the home, their droppings can lead to several health problems, including bacterial infections.
Rodents are hazardous to a home and those living inside it. Many rodents carry rabies. If one of the rodents bites a family pet, it can leave them very sick. Multiple treatments and trips to the vet’s office are to follow. Do your best to contact a pest control service at the first sign of intrusion. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets. This also means that the cost of remedying the problem rises significantly. Even if it is not recent evidence of rodent presence, always call a professional to inspect the home when signs of rodent life appear in your home.

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