Tips For Saving Money on Back To School Supplies

The back to school supply shopping season is a time of great excitement and great expense, but if you follow a few simple tips you can save lots of money on your back to school supplies. In fact, being patient and organized can easily save you 50% to 90% on your entire back to school shopping list.

Get The List

First, you need to get your back to school supply shopping list. In small towns you may have to contact the school to get the list earlier than normal but in the city your local big box retailer is likely to have a printout waiting for you in a kiosk showing you all of the supplies you will need for the new school year. Another option is to check your school’s website as many school districts now post the back to school supply list online during the summer months for organized shoppers just like you.

Keep The List On Hand

Second, you need to keep that list on hand at all times. You never know when you are going to find a great bargain that will save you money and you want to be prepared with the list of items so you buy the right things. Be careful to check the sizes or details of the supplies that you school wants you to have. As you buy an item, cross it off the list so you don’t end up with more than you need.

Shop Frequently

Third, you need to plan to shop your local school supply stores every week throughout the summer. This is the key to saving lots of money on back to school supplies. You see, most retailers will draw out the back to school sales season as long as they can and to do that, they will offer fantastic sales every week on different items. They will even offer loss leaders (items they sell at or below cost) to get you into the store. You want to take advantage of those offers.

When you shop for school supplies each week you want to refer to your list and find the things that are on the best sales that week and buy only those things. Don’t be tempted to do anything else. Get out of the store once you’ve shopped the sale items! You’ll be back next week to scoop up the new deals that are sure to be there. Don’t forget to cross the purchased items off your list and shop again next week.

Shop The Internet

Fourth, don’t forget the internet is open for business. For more expensive items like gym shoes and backpacks you will get a greater selection at a terrific price online by doing a little shopping and if you time it right you may even find a site with free shipping or a free ship-to-store program so you can pick it up right in your town. Sometimes an online price is lower than what you can get in the store.

How Much Can You Save?

Using this method you can easily find items 50% – 75% off or more – even 90% off! You may also find buy one get one free offers, or other deals. You just have to be patient and admit that you won’t do your back to school shopping in one trip. If you can handle that you will save lots of money.

Other Tips

Here are a couple other tips that can save you lots of money on back to school supplies:

  • shop multiple stores to find the best deals
  • check out the ads of your local stores online or in the paper to find the best deals and capitalize on them
  • don’t be tempted to buy things that are not on sale – they will be at some point
  • when you are out of town you might be driving past a store with even better prices so make a school supply run while you’re there
  • don’t buy things off your list or your savings will be gone
  • if you find a deal too good to be true, go ahead and stock up for next year – great for things like paper or pencils

Follow these tips for saving money on back to school supplies and you can get through the back to school shopping season with some extra money in your pocket!