Tips For Saving Money On Cruises

Tips for saving money on cruises can save you a lot of money on cruises. They can also be a way to help save up extra money for your cruise. That’s money you can use for the fun stuff.

Save On Parking

We saved $85.00 on parking at the dock because we had a Handicap Hang tag on the rear view mirror.  Regular parking was  $85.00 but Handicap parking was free. I can’t guarantee all cruise lines have the same policy (We were took a Carnival Cruise out of Charleston, SC.). But hang your tag just in case.




Save Money On Your On board Credit Card

Make sure you have enough money on your ships prepaid debit card to cover  surprise expenses. For example, tips may be automatically deducted from your  on board debit card at a set rate. That can be a pretty good chunk-of-change depending on the number of days you cruise.


Save Money On A Safe Adventure

Take you own tour rather than the cruise offerings. For example, take a walking tour of the area close to the dock.  Make sure the area is relatively safe if you choose to do this. But this way you decide how much you spend and you get to experience what the locals are really like.


Cut Your Casino Losses to Save Money

Cut your losses in the casino. Casinos make there money I people trying to recoup their losses so don’t go there. Set a spending limit and walk away if you reach it.


Haggle with Taxi Drivers Over Rates To Save Money

Haggle with taxi drivers and over rates. You can get a good deal if you’re persistent and stand your ground. Usually there’s more than one taxi around so play them against one another. If you can’t get a good deal with one driver, move on to the next one and make a deal.




Haggle With Street vendors And Save Money

The same goes for street vendors. You can buy everything from clothing to jewelry to food from street vendors in a lot of vacation destinations so shop around for the best deals. Getting great stuff and saving cash is a great feeling.



You’ll spend a lot of money real fast on a cruise If you’re not careful. So having a plan to keep your hard earned money could help you save hundreds. You can start  planning with these tips for saving money on cruises.