Tips for Selecting Your eCommerce Store Design

Unless you just have piles of cash lying around, you probably think you can’t afford to have someone design a custom eCommerce store for you. However, there are lots of great options available, such as the eCommerce store design at Register, that allow you to create your own store even if you don’t know the first thing about coding, hosting or maintaining a server. With this service, you can set up shopping carts, accept secure payments and automate order fulfillment. Some services allow you to upload your own logos and backgrounds, as well as customize fonts, color schemes and storefront layout.

Making a Custom Impact

If your eCommerce site will be your initial online presence, choose color schemes that will mesh well with your logo and offerings. Most of the templates offered by eCommerce vendors have settings that are easily customized with little or no HTML knowledge.

Securing Payments

An important part of your eCommerce store design is the forms of payment you’re able to accept. PayPal has an outstanding reputation for secure payment transactions, but be aware of the associated fees. As your store grows, your accepted payment methods should also evolve.

Handling Customer Service

Your eCommerce store should give you efficient options for handling customer service. Vendors offering access to reliable tools for customer relationship management (CRM) may charge an additional monthly fee for those options. However, comprehensive customer service is an important part of attracting and keeping customers. With secure, streamlined options for customer service interactions, CRM tools give you the ability to have a central system for tracking orders, storing customer information and dealing with complaints.

Creating High-Quality Listings

Your eCommerce store design should allow you to create listings with high-quality photos and good descriptions. Avoid store designs which severely limit the number of words you can use in descriptions, as well as those that place unreasonable limits on photo quality. The photos and descriptions of your offerings are a very important part of your store design. Your customers will not be able to touch your products; your product descriptions will be the only information your customers have for making their decisions.

Encouraging Reviews and Sharing

Another important aspect of your eCommerce store design is that of social interaction. When choosing an eCommerce store design, social media sharing and reviews are important considerations. These customer interactions can result in greater sales and help give prospective customers more confidence in their decision to do business with you.

Creating a Presence

Online sales are booming and are expected to reach nearly $300 billion in 2015 alone. For small businesses, getting traction among online stores means creating a store that is inviting and user-friendly. Fortunately, this task is not as insurmountable as it may seem; there are lots of great eCommerce store designs to choose from that are simple, affordable and require very little knowledge to set up and maintain.