Tips for Success When Writing for Constant Content

So, you want to start writing for Constant Content, but you’re a bit nervous and wondering how to improve your chances for success? I’ve been writing on the site for years and have learned a few things which I’ll share with you here. If you are still thinking about whether or not to write for the site, you might want to check out the pros and cons here.

Pick your topic based on popularity. Look for the top selling niches. Constant Content makes this very easy for you by providing lists of popular searches on the site, as well as the most recently sold articles. This allows you to get a better idea for what to write. Health, relationship and nutrition articles are usually fairly hot sellers.

Check the requests. It’s worth taking a look at the requests that appear in your inbox every few days. Not all of them will be in your area of expertise, but some will be perfect for you. I never write for any request that needs less than 5 articles. This is because of the high competition. You have a better chance of selling if there are more articles needed. That being said, any article that is not purchased will be put into your general catalog after three days.

Stick to 400-500 words. Most of the articles that I sell are within this word count range. That’s because these sell best. 600-800 word articles also sell, but I’ve found that the slightly shorter ones tend to do best and move fastest.

Write more than one article on a topic. If you are already doing the research, why not write multiple articles on a subject? For example, if you are writing about growing tomatoes, you might do a few more articles on the topic, including:

– How to Stake Tomatoes Properly

– Growing Tomatoes in Containers

– 15 Tips for Bigger, Juicier Tomatoes

– The Best Fertilizers for Tomatoes

– How to Grow Tomatoes Upside Down

Instead of earning just once for all that research, you can expand it slightly and sell 6 articles instead of just one. They’ll be faster and easier to write, too, since you already understand the topic.

Always edit before you submit. Go back over the article for a quick read before you even consider submitting it. You’ll catch a lot of potential issues this way. Try reading aloud to find sections that are awkwardly worded or not sufficiently explained.

Sleep on it. This goes hand in hand with the above tip. The best way to avoid silly mistakes in grammar and spelling is to write the article, save it and leave it alone for a day or two. When you come back to it, it will be with fresh eyes. You’ll be surprised at how many errors you catch this way.

Price reasonably. You’ll sell more articles if they aren’t insanely high priced. The vast majority of the articles that sell on the site are for $25-40, so that’s probably the best price range to aim for. If you go too low, your article looks like junk. Too high and no one will bother with it (though you can still sell articles at $100 or more, but they will not move quickly).

Double check your submission. Did you do everything properly? I always take a close look at the description to make sure I don’t have any errors there. You also want to make sure everything is filled in correctly and that there are spaces between paragraphs in the section where you put the article.

I hope this helps you as you start writing on Constant Content. Feel free to share your own tips below if you’re already writing on the site.