Tips for Successful relationship

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There are many kinds of relationships in the world and even though most of them are sort of funny and pretty sick, they are still termed as relationships. You and your partner too have a relationship but unlike other types of relationships, this one is bounded by rules which are easy to follow. There are lots of differences between a simple relationship and a good one. Simple relationships only last for some time but good ones are capable of remaining forever! Well, everything always has a secret behind it and relationships do have their secrets as well but the only bad thing is that many people don’t know about these secrets! That’s why most of the relationships that you see today are always fake because after two years or so, no one wants to even lay eyes on his/her partner. Want to know the secrets? You will be surprised that they are things that you already know about!

Secret ingredient to a good relationship

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The first secret ingredient to a good relationship is communication and not just any type of communications but excellent communication. Most of the people who fight over small issues may be doing so because they rarely talk about these issues especially after things have settled down. When you fight about a certain matter, it is always a good habit to excuse yourself from the conversation and have some time of your own to think of what you are going to do about the issue instead of trying to solve the problem with an emotionally clouded mind. Even some of the best couples that you know of always go through fights one time or another but their real secret to happy living is good communication because each partner gets to understand what the other partner felt about a certain matter. Communication depends on lots of things so that it can be a success for example the presence of a common language.

Intimacy follows after good communication and many people admit that intimacy goes hand in hand with good communication. If there’s no communications then there will also be no intimacy and that may lead to the end of a relationship. Intimacy tends to bring couples closer by making them share their feelings on a physical level. The downside of intimacy is that people have misused its power because nowadays there’s no intimacy between couples because there’s totally no communication. This leads to one partner feeling like he/she is being used just for material needs and not for intimacy and love. Besides intimacy and good communications, a good relationship must always have support from both partners. The man must always support the woman whether the whole world is against her or not and vice versa but this only applies when the support is for a good cause and not something that will lead to harm like bank robbing.

These three factors have helped so many couples get through problems that at first seemed too big for them and after facing the problems their relationship was even further strengthened because both partners were there for each other. Change may be hard but if it will lead to something good then by all means nothing should stop it.

The things you did wrong in your relationship:

There comes a time when you feel like your relationship is coming to nothing or something quite opposite of what you expected. People never seem to realize that a relationship is like a flame; flames need fuel so that they can keep on burning. Without the fuel, you will definitely start noticing smoke and smoke isn’t always a good sign. Not all relationships last forever because to say the truth, there are no such things as fairy-tales and that means it is hard to survive in all kinds of relationships forever. Well, some people have tried it and they succeeded but a lot of effort had to be put in. So you may start asking yourself questions like “what did I do wrong?” and “why did my partner leave me” but the answer to all your questions has always been simple. You are the reason why she/he left you! Sounds like a paradox but it is actually the truth. The fact that your partner went into a relationship with you shows you that at the beginning things were better but later on you made a wrong move. No one can list all the wrong moves but we can look at a few which always cause relationships to fall apart.

The first thing that you did wrong was to get too emotionally attached to your lover. Though it is hard to believe it, being too emotionally attached to your lover especially when your relationship is still oven fresh will make the two of you to start disagreeing on things that you don’t even understand. In most cases, it is the women who run away from such relationships because most women prefer having real men compared to a mommy’s boy. A guy will need to do a lot so that more women can perceive him as a man rather than a kid. Among the things that the guy will be forced to change, voice tone and posture are some of the things that will be put into considerations first. Deep voices and good upright postures always seem to attract women.

The other reason why your relationship may not have worked is because you became boring along the way. Repeating things that you did while you were still new in your relationship will make your partner view you as “boring”. If you took your date to a certain restaurant, you should always make sure that you never visit the same restaurant again for at least a year. Not appreciating your partner will also cause him/her to leave you and funnily enough, your partner will tell you the reason why his/her time with you was unpleasant. Speaking of appreciations, you also shouldn’t expect too much from a relationship especially if the relationship has just started. In fact the best way of making sure that you won’t get hurt if your relationship was suddenly ended is by not expecting too much from it. Don’t expect that your partner will be better than you previous partner because by doing so, you will start trying to make them be more like your previous partners but a better version of them. Where will this lead to? Definitely a break-up!

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