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Tips for telephone interviews


Killer tips for telephone interviews

The telephone interview is the precursor to the personal interview. I ll tell you what recruiters pay attention and how to sell yourself to get to the next round, follow my tips for telephone interviews.

More and more companies use telephone interviews as a selection tool. This confirms Christoph CEO of the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP) that carry more than 80 percent of the more than 2,000 member companies, telephone interviews when recruiting new employees.

Telephone interviews with companies pursue three main objectives:

First Deepening and consolidation of the acquired image in the records of an applicant

Applicants often state in their documents only very vague, what exactly they have done in their previous job or what experience they have. Here to help telephone interviews to deepen and clarify issues. In what ‘league’, the candidate has played, he had a budget responsibility in the four-digit or six-digit range? Customer contacts he has in its industry? He has been independently run projects successfully?

Second Provide additional information, particularly in the social skills and communication skills

Especially when it comes to so-called soft skills, the semantic content of application forms is very limited. As part of the telephone interviews targeted impressions can be gained here. Can the applicant speak clearly and quickly comes to the point? He has a winning way with special regard to future customer contacts? Does he have the necessary analytical skills to be able to penetrate complex issues?

In particular, if the vacant position includes intensive telephone contacts, as call centers, back office … the phone interview a sample of the candidate’s direct work dar.

Third Clarification of open questions

Often found in the CV issues or contradictions that need to be clarified. But it is also a lack of information obtained before the decision to invite a candidate for the personal interview may be made sound. Where is the target remuneration framework? There is willingness to longer business trips? If the job in Berlin is: If there were a willingness to move? Why do the data from the testimony and curriculum vitae of each other?

As an applicant you should, therefore, very well prepared to go in the phone interview.

Create favorable conditions

I have a best tips for telephone interviews, make sure you have a quiet space for the phone interview is available in which you are absolutely undisturbed. They also plan enough time so you do not come under pressure. Telephone interviews usually last 10-40 minutes.

A comfortable sitting area, writing materials, but also a glass of water should be available. Professionals like to call with a headset, so a headset for both ears and an attached microphone. The advantage is in any case: You hear more and better. And you have your hands free. This is convenient and provides security.

Inform well in advance

The more detail you know about the requirements of the vacancy notice, the better arguments. Therefore, you should research as much as possible via Internet search engines, contact persons from the industry and Internet forums or platforms where companies are rated as the Employer may complete the picture.

What information should you obtain depend very much also depends on the position at issue. A Head of Finance should have considered the balance of numbers in some detail as a development engineer. The latter, however, is well advised if he deals in detail with the latest product developments and technologies of the company. Anyone who has worked in sales should work intensively with the market, products and competitors.

Sell ??your strengths

The central point in the phone interview is the imparting of their own strengths in terms of the requirement profile. The one-minute presentation, which is already in the article ‘ telephone interview with the headhunter ‘is described in more detail, can be very helpful.

Know their market value

Unless you have your application documents have named no salary , you should be prepared to a relevant question in a telephone interview. Their market value depends not only on your specific qualifications for a particular job depends on other factors such as region, industry and the current market situation. Your current salary and related fringe benefits can certainly be a focus.

Apply for a permanent job out of ten to 15 percent salary increase to be realistic, if you identify a good fit for the job. Another tip: Always arguing about the benefits you can offer a company, never about how much money you need. Finally, you do not want to recommend as a charity case, but as a powerful staff for a job interview.

Tips for telephone interviews
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