Tips for understanding your cat

Are you the owner of a new pet? If you just bought a new cat, you may be excited! After all, you should be. Owning a cat is a big responsibility, but it is accompanied by very large rewards. There is nothing better than to see the love and compassion in the eyes of your cat. In fact, it is not only what you see.

When you and your pet you know better, you begin to notice traits and characteristics that your cat appears. After all, every animal has its own personality. In a short time you will understand your cat just as if it were another human being.

It is important to understand her cat for her well-being as well as for you, be curious, even if you think you understand your cat, watch it again, understand what he is trying to make you understand. Of course, he does not speak, but there are other signals that your pet could send you. To be the best pet owner possible and give your cat a lot of attention, it is important that you notice these signals and are acting accordingly.

So, what should you look for signal to understand your cat? For starters, do you know when your cat could be ready to fight? Your cat is ready to attack you, attack another person in the house or another pet? Although cats are almost always healthy and cuddly, some have problems with anger. If your cat has his head down and is in a crouching position, he could be ready to pounce. It does not necessarily want you, but his anger dominates. Follow this sign, do not enter to make him understand that he is wrong, but to take a non aggressive, like a stuffed example, and throw it to him, he will in 95% of cases throw above, and so his anger may turn in.

Cats, like humans and other pets can develop a wide range of emotions, including anger. Even if your cat jumps and does not attack, he could be upset. Many cats move their tails in a horizontal motion. Did you know that your cat is a sign of a problem? He is angry or upset, and watch him well because after swinging his tail, he is afraid he’s going to hide behind a sofa, furniture, he is angry, he is going to pounce on n ‘ anything that is within reach, or if you are home or if you have a deck, it will ask you to leave urgently. In any case, let’s find the place where he feels comfortable and safe.

Although some cats will jump with the intention to play, many others show other signs of fun. A happy cat who wants to play is usually very active. Your cat when happy and excited, could be moving all the time. It could be extremely cuddly with you, hoping that you will give him more time, care and play Another sign that a cat is happy and excited is when the head, tail and ears are erect in the right air.

As we saw earlier, the reward of being a cat owner is to see the love and compassion in the eyes of your cat. What you might not realize is that this is really something that you might be able to notice. It has been said that cats squint when you look are trying to show they love you and pay attention to you. It is also said that biting and licking are additional means by which cats you show love and affection and not aggression.

The examples mentioned above are just some of those that you should know to understand your cat. As a reminder, the process of understanding is not a process that should be rushed. All you need to do is give your cat the right amount of love and attention, observing their reactions and take note of all the habits that your new friend could develop. In no time, you and your new pet will soon understand each other.