Tips for using AirSnap on iOS Devices

For those who love to taking selfies but are still not aware of using AirSnap with Camera Plus they need a tutorial about it. Using both together will indeed help you capture better selfies and give you a new way to experience better photography done by you. First, let us understand about AirSnap.

About AirSnap

AirSnap is one such app that is designed to work with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch as a trigger remote device. This can be used with all of your iDevices to capture pictures. The unique feature that this app offers with the latest update is that to trigger the camera on using another iDevice as a remote. This works on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity of devices. This makes it a revolutionary innovation as well as easy to use.

In this tutorial, we are using AirSnap on iPhone and iPad. Whatever connectivity you decide to use either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the connection should be enabled.

1. Downloading

First, you need to understand that AirSnap is compatible only with iDevices that have the app installed on it.

You need to go to iTunes and download AirSnap on both of your Apple devices. If you own both the devices using same iTunes account then it is free of charge. If you are using another device of a friend then it will cost you 99 cents.

2. Connectivity

Decide the mode for connecting your devices either over Wi-Fi or over Bluetooth. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you need to ensure that the network is same for both devices. Using a Bluetooth is much easier as you only need to pair both the devices but it works only within a range of 10m.

3. Camera Plus

Now, you need to decide which device will be used for capturing picture and which will be the remote. Go to Camera Plus to launch the app for the device, which will be used for capturing images.

4. Launching AirSnap

Launch the AirSnap app by tapping its icon. It will take a while to detect another device where Camera Plus is active. Tap the parachute like icon within Camera Plus to look for active device compatibility.

5. Connecting Devices

Now another device will be detected as remote trigger. Tap to select the iOS device as a trigger and confirm by the check mark against the pairing of devices option. Now you are ready to click pictures. All you need to do is tap the orange button that appears in the mid-screen, it is the shutter to click pictures.


The volume buttons on the remote device can be used as shutters. You can even switch between stills and videos. The image clicked is displayed on the remote device but it is just a preview, as it is not saved in the camera roll.

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