Tips for Using and Cleaning your Ceramic Glass Top Stove

ceramic glass cooktop

My husband talked me into buying a ceramic glass top stove two years ago. I had always had gas stoves because I thought they cooked quicker than electricity. Well this ceramic stove was a real learning curve for me.

Once you learn these tips for cleaning your ceramic glass top stove you will be so glad you bought it. The main thing is to keep it clean, and it will look beautiful. Not like the individual electric or gas jets that all have to be cleaned separately.

Need to know info:

There are a few things you need to know before buying or using a new Ceramic stove or ceramic stove top. Ceramic glass tops are made from strong and durable material that should withstand heating and cooling without breaking. Having said that it is still GLASS, therefore treat it with respect and it will last for years.

Tips for using your ceramic glass top stove

1. You can no longer use your old cookware with a warped base. When cooking on ceramic stove tops it is best to use heavy (sand which) stainless steel or enamelled thick base cookware. Do not use aluminium or copper base cookware.
2. Use cookware that fits the element you are using.
3. Make sure the base of cookware is clean and dry before using on stove top.
4. Never slide cookware across the glass surface as it may scratch.
5. Do not allow pots to boil dry on stove
6. Use stored heat of the hotplate and turn off a few minutes before meal cooked as remains hot therefore you save on power.
7. Keep children away from stove top as stays hot awhile after turning off.
8. Always check the bottoms of your pots for nicks or gouges as they could cause damage.

Tips for cleaning your ceramic glass top stove

I have to admit that when we bought this stove I wished we had bought the normal sort of gas or electric top stove. But after a week of learning how to look after and clean the ceramic glass top I really loved it. It is so simple once you know how.
And they look so good, much better than those other tops that you have to pull to pieces and clean each piece individually. And often they still do not look clean.

Cleaning the ceramic glass top

The main thing when cooking on this stove is to try and avoid thing from boiling over. Turn it down as soon as it has boiled. When cooking some things you can actually turn it off as soon as it boils as they will cook from the heat still in the hotplate.

If something does boil over wipe it off and remove anything from the sides and base of saucepan before putting back on stove top.

I always use Cooktop Magic to clean the surface of my stove. It is a two in one cleaner and protector for all cooktops. It cleans, seals and protects the surface.

This is non hazardous and biodegradable and comes with its own sponge applicator on the end of the tube. Simply squeeze and using the sponge on the end wipe your glass top over pressing more heavily where it is soiled.

For harder spills and marks I use non scratch silver mesh scourers. Add the cleaner and use a damp scourer rub in a circular motion until removed. These do not scratch the glass.

Wipe cream off with a damp clean soft cloth. Then polish off with dry soft cloth.

COOK TOP CLEAN 20 OZ Cook Top Clean Cream (20 oz)

Hard to remove stains

Use the supplied razor blade scraper with the cream cleaner before the surface has cooled right down. If this is not removed then pitting of the surface may occur.

Other cleaning suggestions I have heard about.

Wipe off with vinegar and water
Sprinkle water and bi-carbonate of sodo over top and leave to soak for a few minutes.

The main thing is to make sure your cooktop surface is clean before using it the next time.

Pros and cons on buying your ceramic glass top stove.