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Tips for Wearing Bow Ties

The origin of the bow tie dates back to the early 1700s. Through the years it has seen it subside and then pop up again in male fashion trends, every now and then. Honestly, the bow tie has shed its gentlemanly look to reveal a stylish, chic and 22nd century urban style look. It has suddenly emerged as a sexy accessory that oozes oodles or style and class. However, there’s a catch to the bow tie; it can either look just perfect or all wrong. There’s no mid-way. This is why the bow tie should be worn thoughtfully.

The sight of a man walking up, flaunting a sleek European suit with an unusual but sensational bow tie can leave you in awe for sure.

The new face of the bow tie
The bow tie may have been an age old accessory that was worn to hold the shirt in place but it has evolved over the years to become a raw statement of elegance and style at its best. We love seeing the models walk up the ramp with the contemporary printed and textured bow ties but hesitate to adorn them when it comes to dressing up for a particular occasion.

Fancy Bow Ties

As a matter of fact, fancy bow ties can be a little tricky. Understanding when and with what they complement is important to avoid making blunders and distorting the look of your suit. If you have been secretly wishing to make the bow tie work for you someday, it’s your lucky day today. The following steps will help you land the perfect look of a bow tie.

Considerations & Steps to Wearing a Bow Tie

  • A trial is must before you wear a bow tie for any occasion. Put on the bow tie to see if it suits your face cut. Bow ties generally don’t look as good on round faces as on long ones. But, if you really want to wear a bow tie, choose one with a slimmer width.
  • Tying a bow tie isn’t a rocket science; it just takes a little patience and practice. However, if you think learning how to tie a bow tie is not your cup of tea, simply buy a readymade one. It will save you the hassle of tying.
  • Pay attention to the material. Bow ties are not a regular thing to adorn. They are generally worn in special occasions and therefore try to invest in good quality materials. Silk is the best material for a bow tie. Understand that it will be rubbing against your face so the material ahs to be soft and delicate.
  • Always opt for muted colors and play up with patterns and prints. Steer clear of flashy colors and heavy embellishments. The attention should ideally be on your face, not what lies below.
  • It’s also extremely important to choose your bow tie taking your suit into consideration. The tie should complement your suit color and fabric and should not look quirky and out of place. And think beyond the black bow tie to incorporate new other colors.

The bow tie is not very different from the standard tie and should not cause stress. It just needs a little thought to work out great. After all, a little thought here and there is what puts together a great look.

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Have more tips to share on how to choose the perfect bow tie for an occasion? Post them below; we’d love to hear from you.

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