Tips for Wearing Short Hair Style for Women

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Short hair style is very popular among women. Hair remains above the shoulders in this style. Short hair style suits to almost all the women if tailored according to the shape of their faces and with the aim to emphasize the positive features and de-emphasize the negative features of the face. Otherwise it may not be a good hair style for women even though she is wearing latest celebrity hair style. Here are some tips for the women who are going to wear a short hair style for them:

  • Short Hair Style for a Long Face: If your face is long and you want to wear a short hair style the hair styles that balance out the length of your face are best for you. Too short hair style doesn’t suit to this face shape. Short to medium length that gives fullness to long face is the best idea. Avoid too much length as your face will look longer. A chin length bob cut with softly layered on the sides of face suits well to long shape face.
  • Short Hair style for a Round Face: The short hair style should make a round shaped face look longer. Try a cut with layers while keeping sides close to face will make your face look longer. A longer bob that is of length just below the chin with waves at the lower part look good on long round face.
  • Short Hair Style for an Oval shaped Face: The Women who have oval shaped face can wear any hair style. However. The short hair style which emphasizes the features of your face is best for you. If you have bone structure, an angular bob is good for you
  • Short Hair Style for a Square Face: If your face is square shaped, there is a need to de-emphasizethe strong jaw lines of face so very spiky hair style will suit you well. Avoid bangs and bob that will make your face look square.
  • Short Hair Style for a Triangular Face: There is a need to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones in the triangular shape of the face. If you have triangle or heart shaped face, you can use long bang swept to one side of your face. Brow-grazing fringe suits this face shape too.
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You can choose the short hair style which suits the shape of your face. Once you have got it, you have to maintain it. The maintenance of short hair style is required less than that of long hair styles. Here are some tips to maintain you r short hair style:

  • To prevent the split ends and keep from growing, you need trimming of your hair at least after every four weeks.
  • Use a natural hair conditioner at least once a week. Almond oil and warmed coconut are good conditions. Massage the oil in your hair and cover them with hot wet towel. Wash with shampoo after twenty minutes.
  • Do not comb the wet hair. Comb your hair with wide tooth wooden comb after they dry. Avoid plastic comb or plastic brush.
  • Make sure to use the bathing cap when swimming. Do not over expose your hair to sun.
  • Your hair show your life style. Lack of sleep, stress, smoking, poor eating habits, no exercise effect your hair to along with your overall health. Make sure to eat nutritious diet, rich in vitamins and protein. Drink plenty of water, take exercise regularly, avoid smoking, take enough ret and your hair will become strong and healthy.
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