Tips For Women: Five (5) Great Places To Meet Eligible Good Men

Don’t wait for your guy to knock on your door and sweep off your feet. Take the first step towards a happy love life. Here are five (5) best places to meet eligible good men.

1. Hobby-related venues. Sharing a common interest with your man is a must in any relationship.
• Music. Be yourself and go to your fave music hang-outs. Hit up your local instrument store for guitars, keyboards or drums. Attend concerts – rock, ballad, jazz.
• Art. Visit art galleries and exhibits. For intellectual stimulation, head over to museums and other cultural institutions.
• Literature. Be present at your favorite author’s book signing event. Drop by the nearest bookstore in your area.

2. Men-dominated joints. Being in men-dominated joints is a great avenue to get your pheromones up and about.
• Hardware store. Guys love fixing and renovating all types of things so hanging out here is a good idea. This is also an opportunity to stir the male species’ attention especially if you have a DIY (do-it-yourself) project at home.
• Tech shop. Men love technology. From laptops and smart phones to sophisticated sound and entertainment systems, you’re bound to see them browsing around and checking out tech gadgets.
• Local bar. This perhaps tops the list of their must-visit spots. Regardless if it’s Friday night or the usual weekday after-work hang-out, you’re bound to encounter all kinds of people here. So wear your pheromone cologne and get ready to mingle.
• Car show. Who could ever resist the beauty and elegance of gorgeous cars all lined up for everyone’s viewing? Certainly not them. Be at your finest feminine self and grace the occasion with a friend or family.

3. Public places. Remember that opportunity waits for no one so take on the challenge, leave your house and get your man.
• Public transportation. Be it on your way to work or for vacation and sight-seeing purposes, dare to commute publicly. Try riding a jeep, bus, and train. Kill time and stay longer at airport lounges.
• Beach. Walk by the beach early in the morning or near sundown. Chill out with family during weekends. Build a bonfire and spend a relaxing night with friends.
• Dog park. Walking your dog is a popular approach if you want to socialize with subtlety. So grab that leash and visit the park. Do it during the busy afternoons where you get to meet lot of pet owners.
• Eating joints. Restaurants, coffee shop, café or diner, these venues are all part of anyone’s daily routine so make it a point to dine in there when you have the chance.

4. Social events. Attending such functions increases your networking universe. Be it conventions, parties, weddings or reunions, see to it that you never let down an invite once it comes your way.

5. Sports-related areas. Who doesn’t want a healthy and fit body?
• Sports Match. Watch a basketball, football or soccer games live! As much as possible, book tickets near the players’ box.
• Sports Bar. Hit up your town center for a wide variety of items and equipment to choose from – knee pads, personal dumbbells, tent, swimsuit. You name it.
• Gym. A lot of the male population is very health-conscious. Some would really shell out money just to become a member of a body-building program to build six-pack abs. Hence, grab the chance if there are free trial memberships in your vicinity.