Tips For Women: Four (4) Colors To Wear To Attract Men

How we look can totally define how other people perceive us the first time. It can make or break a possible connection to the person we meet and greet. Regardless if we are dressing up to catch a certain man’s attention or out to impress a professional and successful demeanor in our own workplace, the fact remains that people are drawn to our outward appearance and they are being used to gauge our personality and character.

What Colors To Wear To Attract Men
Stand out from the crowd and be the belle of the ball everywhere you go. Learn how to attract the male pheromones by choosing carefully what colors to wear. See what each shade represents and determine how you can maximize it thoroughly to your own pheromone advantage.

1. Red. Red is the natural symbol of love. It signifies passion and excitement. It is sexy and flirty, powerful and seductive. It immediately grabs attention. It can make you ultra attractive to men. It encourages intimacy that guys would want to get closer to you and know you better. A word of caution though: do not overdo. You need not show cleavage and reveal a lot of skin when you wear this color else you will be giving a wrong signal to the opposite gender. You wouldn’t want to give out an impression that you are just out for sensual fun therefore should not be taken seriously now, would you?

2. Black. Black is usually associated to mystery, something that is yet to be discovered or uncovered. It is for this reason that most guys like their women in black. It elicits the unknown that triggers the wild interest of any guy. Be it a little black dress or a lace lingerie, it can make you very desirable to them as they would want to “unwrap” the mysterious woman in you. It also defines elegance and sophistication which pulls them in towards your direction.

3. Yellow and Orange. Yellow and orange signify dare and adventure. If you are after the adventurous types, wearing these shades will draw them to you. They are bright and bold and they convey that you are daring, fun-loving and free-spirited. If you want to charm like-minded men, opt for this one.

4. Pink. Wear pink if you want to bring out the superman complex in your man. Pink is sweet and girly, soft and romantic. It epitomizes femininity which brings out the protective instinct in the male species. It can make you very beautiful and demure in their eyes. It can mean that you are very approachable and well-liked.