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Tips on Buying Pearl Beads Earrings

Pearl beads earrings are casual and dressy and draw attention in a quiet way. Jewelry has a great impact on how a woman looks. It is important to remember that women do not dress up for jewelry, but the jewelry dresses up for women and the main purpose of jewelry is to enhance our looks.

Earrings bring attention to the face and the shape of the face is very important to consider in order to choose the right pair of earrings. In case of pearl beads earrings, the focal point of the jewelry is the pearl and it points towards the chin. The design of the earring can either exaggerate or flatter depending on the shape of the face. This is an important point to remember when buying a pendant shaped pearl earring as pendants draw attention downwards.

No two natural pearls can be exactly alike and this is what makes them so unique and precious. Natural pearls do not require any human assistance. Before they are made into dazzling earrings and other jewelry items, they were in the bowels of some mollusk. This is one of the reasons for its rarity. Another reason is that out of 8000 species of mollusks, pearls are consistently produced by only 20 kinds.

Buying a pair of pearl beads earrings will be a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, as well as a worthwhile investment. Personal taste is a highly deciding factor when it comes to the shape of the pearls. The most preferred kind of pearl earrings are the spherical shaped ones. Tear drop shape is also desirable. There are many varieties of pearl beads to choose from if you are a jewelry maker and create your own pieces. However, it is essential that you buy high quality beads from reputable online sellers such as pandahall.

Pearl color varies from white, cream, pink, black, lavender, and blue and so on. The most enticing are the creamy ones with overtones.

The price of the pearl is determined by the quality of the pearls. Quality is however dependent on color, shape, size, luster and texture of the pearls. The larger the size of the pearl, the more valuable it will be. Nacre is the substance which makes up pearls and its thickness affects the luster of the pearl. As a matter of fact, the thicker the nacre, the more valuable the pearl will be. Apart from the very high quality pearl beads, you can also find imitations. These are much cheaper than the real thing.

Pearl beads with a lot of imperfections do not sell for much. A smooth and clean surface indicates the quality of the pearl bead. You may need to invest a little extra money on genuine pearl earrings but the charm and beauty you get out of it will truly be worth the amount you spent.

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