Tips On How To Backup Wii Games Into Discs

Looking step by step method on how to make a backup of Wii games? Searching ways to copy and burn Wii games disc into DVD? Learning how to burn a Wii games is essential to most of those enthusiastic gamers as they are using the games discs daily. Wii disc is vulnerable and easy to get damage due to cracks and scratches. Once Wii games broken and cause Wii not able to read discs problem.

The last option you can seek is to get a replacement Wii games discs and costing you $50 or above. Wii discs is a expensive investment, knowing how to protect Wii games can save you a lot of money in long term run. The best solution you can avoid damage to your Wii game disc is make a backup from the original discs. Basically, you’ll need a professional game copy software that able to create exact high quality 1:1 Wii disc backup and burn it into DVD discs.

How To Backup Your Wii Games

Tool that you need to prepare:

  • PC with DVD RW drive capability
  • Original Wii games disc that you wish to make as backup discs
  • Professional Games Copy Software

You just need to follow below simple steps to get your Wii games backup within minutes:

  1. First of all, you need to have a computer with DVD RW drive installed and capable to burn blank DVD. If you don’t have any DVD burner, you can get a LG 24X SATA DVD + RW Internal drive with reasonable price from ( refer the link on the right hand side).
  2. Next, the most important part is to get a reliable Games Copy Software to help you to copy, burn and backup your Wii games with exact 1:1 quality as your original discs. Find a software that capable to bypass encoded Nintendo protection scripts embedded inside the Wii games discs.
  3. Once you get the Copy Software, download and install into your PC. Insert the Wii games disc that you wish to backup and execute the software and it will pop up a message screen to give you instruction how to generate Wii game ISO file and copy that particular ISO file to your PC hard drive as storage.
  4. Then, take out your original Wii games disc and insert the blank DVD into the DVD RW drive. Drag the games ISO files that just generated into the Games Copy Software window and click on the burn buttons.
  5. Wait until the status bar loading until finish. Once completed the you have a backup Wii games discs generated and will allow you to play backup, copied, import, and retro games, plus DVD’s, on your Nintendo Wii without a modchip!

Top Choice Of Games Copy Software In Town – Games Copy Wizard

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With Copy Games Wizard, you can:

  • Backup games from any console like Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast. Also will work for PC games
  • Backup your Video or Music DVDs, containing your favourite Movie, Music or Series.
  • Create Video DVDs, from the media files you have. All popular video files are supported from Divx, xvid to mp4.
  • Get through the latest unbreakable protection easily and Burn these games to any regular blank CD or DVD.
  • Play these games on any console, with no mods required.