Tips On How To Choose Jade Gemstone Pendants For Jewelry Making

Just as men take pride in the cars they drive, women take pride in the jewelry they wear. Women wear jewelry to enhance their look and attractiveness and there are some women who wear them for their significance. These days, jewelry makers don’t just focus on what types of stones and beads look good. They also focus on the significance of the stones and the benefits they offer to the wearers.

Jade is a beautiful gemstone and these days, you can see jade jewelry everywhere. Jade is available in various shades of green and it is believed to bring good luck to the person who wears it. The Chinese consider it as the “royal gem” and many people choose to wear necklaces and bracelets made from jade gemstones.

Pendants made from jade gemstones are also very popular and they can be used in many different types of necklaces. You can wear jade pendants with metal chains, beaded necklaces and even necklaces made of leather. Many jewelry designers choose jade gemstone pendants for jewelry making today due to various reasons. But, if you are a jewelry designer and are looking for jade gemstone pendants for jewelry making, then there are a number of things that you must consider.

Given below are some tips on how to choose jade gemstone pendants for jewelry making.

Consider the variations

Nephrite mineral and jadeite are the types of jades that you can consider. Jade which comes from nephrite mineral is more affordable and are mainly available in green color. Others colors include red, yellow and white. Jadeite is available in a wider variety of colors. To have a look at the variations of jade gemstone pendants, you can browse some of the popular online jewelry supplies stores such as pandahall. On these stores, you can find out what varieties are available and how much they cost so you can plan your crafting project accordingly.

Jadeite is better quality and therefore expensive. But, if you do not buy from a reputable seller, then you may end up buying nephrite mineral in place of jadeite. Some jewelry stores may try to sell nephrite mineral saying that it is jadeite in order to get a higher value.

How To Choose

There are various colors of jade available out of which green is the most popular. When choosing jade gemstone pendant for jewelry making, you must consider intense colors. Jade is available in grades ranging from A to C. Grade A means that the gemstone is 100% natural. Grades B and C are less expensive then grade A and they are also not 100% natural. They would have undergone chemical treatments to give them that color and appearance.
Look for flaws and cracks in the gemstone when buying. You may need a magnifying glass to ensure your gemstone is flawless.