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Losing weight the natural way takes dedication, and desire. There is no miracle diet or miracle pill, it takes hard work. The easier, softer, (painful) way out would be liposuction, but not everyone has the money, or the nerve to want to sell themselves short. So here’s what you’ve got to do. First and foremost take all the fatty foods in your house get rid of them, give them awa,y throw them out, I don’t care what you do with them but get them out of sight. Out of sight out of mind, if you catch my drift. Next we want to create a diet, and when creating a diet calorie intake is everything. Take your weight and multiply it by by ten. For example if you weigh 170 lbs your calorie intake will be 1700 calories a day (170×10=1700). Now what and how you eat is also crucial in the diet formula. If you’re eating entemanns and ding dongs don’t expect to lose much weight, because those trans fats stick to your belly and thighs. I can’t stress enough, fruits and vegetables. They’re great for snacking and great for quelling the appetite. Protein is also vital, such as chicken, tuna, or perhaps a protein shake. Protein shakes can be purchased at any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. As for carbs, try whole wheat bread but not a lot of it. You should try and rely on fruits as your main source of carbs. Now how you eat these foods is very important. The three square meal theory of the industrial age is over. Stuffing yourself three times a day is unhealthy, and terrible for losing weight. Try and divide your meals into six small meals a day. Studies have shown that eating six small meals a day, causes your metabolism to speed up and work faster, thus burning more fat. Try not to eat after 7 o’clock because your metabolism slows down at night before you go to bed. The last thing about dieting is cheating. It’s important to set aside one day where you treat yourself to one of your favorite foods. Next we move on to exercise. It’s time to create a regiment, and a fat burning regiment that is. I recommend to at least 3 days of cardio exercise a week.Cardio exercise is anything from jogging to riding a bike. It’s anything that keeps you moving and sweating, so you can use your imagination. Don’t limit yourself to the treadmill, or StairMaster, try an aerobics class, or a self defense class. As you start building up your stamina you might want to institute some weightlifting into your regiment. The best time to exercise is in the morning before you eat. Because your body has no food in it, the fat you will be burning will come straight off your belly. Well there you have it, if you follow these suggestions and stay committed to diet and exercise you will see results in a few months. Remember diet and exercise is a life style and a state of mind. You have to want to lose weight. Best of luck in all your endeavors!

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