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Tips on How to Make Your Eye Lashes Appear Longer and Fuller


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Beautiful eyelashes give a stunning appearance to your eyes. Longer the eyelashes, the more beautiful are the eye appearance. The longer the eyelashes the more protective your eyes will be from the unwanted particles. As we all know lashes form a protective layer for the eyes. Yet there are some factors responsible for eyelash damage. This problem of eyelashes fall out has been increased tremendously. There are enormous reasons for eyelashes fall out. But if the problem is genetic then the chances of getting long, luscious eyelashes are too less.

Yet there are some ways to get those beautiful long eyelashes. You can achieve those long eyelashes in many different ways be it natural or cosmetic. Very many natural ways are out there, which can be tried for those long lashes. Apart from these natural ways there are various other cosmetics for long lashes. Here are some recommended steps to be taken for long eyelashes.

Here are some ways to make your eyes pop, by having beautiful eyelashes. These can be used naturally as well as with make-up.

Tips on How to Make Your Eye Lashes Appear Longer and FullerVaseline Method:

Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer and conditioner for dry and brittle lashes. Helps greatly to strengthen the lashes; when the old ones fall out, presence of Vaseline helps new ones to grow thick and long. All you need to do is apply Vaseline on your eyelashes gently with the help of a Q-tip or your fingertips.

Lip Balm Method:

Lip balm makes your eyelashes appear curlier. This also helps the eyelashes to grow long. Flavored lip balm gives the best result. Just apply the lip balm to your eyelashes. Keep this on as you go to sleep. Make sure to wear a sleeping mask. Wash the lip balm when you wake up. Reapply two coats of lip balm before leaving for the day.

Other Methods:

Almond oil-

Apply almond oil every night before sleeping. It is super absorbing and works wonderfully well.
You can even use olive oil or coconut oil for such long lashes.

Eyelash enhancers-

There is a huge range of eyelash enhancers out there. But get the one which suits your skin. For this you need to know your skin type first. These eyelash enhancers are the quickest and easiest way for long eyelashes. Try and opt for the all-natural ones. They won’t give you any irritation or side effects.


Apply mascara can also give you long lashes. You can opt for mascaras specially designed for longer eyelashes.


Here are some simple and easy to follow tips that would help you to have long lashes and prevent them from falling out.

1. Clean you eyelashes every night before going to bed, do this with the help of an exfoliating scrub.
2. Do not rub or fidget with your lashes.
3. Try to leave them alone by avoiding all sorts of cosmetics.
4. Never pull your eyelashes.
5. Apply a tad bit of conditioner, this also helps in the growth of eyelashes.
6. Eat healthy. Try to consume more of silicon rich foods such as cucumber, cabbage, rice, oats and olive oil.


If you have any kind of irritation or burning sensation consult your doctor. Do not try for any home natural remedy by your own if you have any kind of skin issue.


Try out these natural remedies for beautiful eyelashes. But if you condition is quite serious then visit you doctor. As such these home remedies will not work in such situation.

It is always better to go with the all-natural products like maxolash eyelash growth product for such beautiful lashes. These are totally safe, as they are made from natural products they come with zero side effects.

Tips on How to Make Your Eye Lashes Appear Longer and Fuller
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