Tips on Using Credit Cards Overseas while Traveling or Living in Other Countries

Many people nowadays who have credit cards take them along when they leave their home country. Some of these individuals are only overseas for a few weeks or days. Other travelers may relocate to another nation for a while, in order to work or study.

Having your credit card with you while you are far from home allows you to have an emergency source of cash. If you need medication or need to make travel arrangements, you can always rely on your card to complete your purchase. You can also use the card to shop online for items such as textbooks or clothing.

Before you travel, you should let your credit card company know that you plan to use the card elsewhere. Some banks keep careful note of where your card is regularly used and shut it down if it is utilized from a strange location. You don’t want to have to spend money on expensive long distance calls in order to remove restrictions that are placed on the card.

Tips for Traveling Overseas

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Find out what charges will apply when your card is used overseas. Some banks offer great rates on overseas purchases. Your purchases attract little or no fees whether you are shopping at home or in a store hundreds or miles away. Make sure you won’t have to pay a hefty bill just for utilizing your card to buy a pair of shoes.

Find out how to withdraw cash from your card. In some countries, you can use a card to draw cash from an ATM when you are visiting. However, as a security precaution, you are required to use a pin number with the card.

If this is a security feature in the country you plan to visit, you don’t want to find out about that after you have already left home. If you use a pin in your home country, the same pin would be used when you are traveling elsewhere.

How to Avoid Bank Fees While Traveling

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Usually, fees are charged when you do a cash advance or withdraw money from a credit card. In general, those fees can work out to be anywhere from 5% to 10% of the sum that you take from the card. For this reason you should have a cheaper alternative for getting cash while overseas and use the credit card for point of sale transactions.