Tips – Supporting Yourself As a Freelance Writer

When you have a strong desire accompanied by a particular way with words and you are able to move your readers in such a way that causes an action you may be interested in supporting yourself as a freelance writer.

Everyone is different in the way they learn to read and write. I began learning to read phonics in kindergarten. By the first grade I was reading third grade level books. I am one who really enjoyed reading regardless of the adventure the book was paving along for me. However, I passed English class with a C, I do believe. Years later, I learned that the problem I had with those classes were that the rules changed with every chapter, I had no idea that was the key back then. Yet, even then I could speak it and write it properly even if I did not understand how to dissect the English language in class very well. However, my love for reading and then writing became natural for me.

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Funny how even though 20 or 30 years ago with all the heartfelt sentiments of a multitude of diaries, journals and letters to whomever’s the dream of being a published writer was simply scribbling on papers of all types by yours truly.

I think that the biggest tip for supporting yourself as a freelance writer is that of enjoying what you do. Thinking about the things you wish to express and then writing until you reach your perfection of writing.

If this means doing more reading, dissecting and writing, then do so. If this means using your natural talents to reach out and touch your readers to laughter or tears, then do so.

The next tip that comes to mind for supporting yourself as a freelance writer is that of believing in yourself and reaching out for your dream of being published as well as making money while you do it, even working from home as a freelance writer. When you know you have what it takes to be a freelance writer you need to take action to make it happen for you. Simply make up your mind that this is what you are going to do to make money online while working from home.

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Using your computer at home is one of the best and easiest means of using your freelance writer talents. Therefore, you need a good working computer. If you do some research you may even be able to find a quality computer at reasonable prices online or even at your local dealer. Ask the local computer guy if he sells anything he works on and you may get a really good deal and someone who can fix it for you when you need it.

Finding writing work online can be challenging; you have to learn to discern where the best places are online for publishing your work. There are also a lot of gigs or opportunities for finding freelance writing work of all sorts. While using your computer, search for freelance writing assignments. You may find these in various online websites. I know that there are various types of freelance writing requests on Craigslist dot com. If you search through the various locations you will find many in the gigs section for writing. There are of course many others, you can find them by typing keywords such as “writer for hire”, “wanted freelance writer” and so on into the text box of your browser and clicking Go.

Another good tip for finding jobs to support yourself as a freelance writer is to join writing forums and online writers groups where others gather and share information about writing techniques, job leads and so on. You will find there are also various blogs that offer you the information you need as well as the sense of community. Use your online resources fully by learning how to search for freelance writer jobs. Talk to people and learn what you can, while sharing your wealth of information about writing.

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Search for websites that offer you perks such as revenue sharing sites for writers. I can tell you that it is nice to be able to make money online working from home while publishing my written work right here on this website. Yet, you should know that there are other worthwhile websites that you can use to publish your work and make money.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself a select position on a writer for hire site such as Need An Article dot net and so on, you should do your very best with all your freelance writer responsibilities. When you take upon yourself the tasks of a writer and you are serious about supporting yourself as a freelance writer, you must always do your very best. Doing otherwise not only makes you look bad it also makes a bad impression for those who do not know but are searching for quality writers. In other words, if you are going to do anything, do it right and this includes writing.

I suppose the tips for supporting yourself as a freelance writer would not be complete without saying that the only real way that you will succeed as a freelance writer is to write, write and then write some more as well as know when the time is right to put in your two week notice to your regular day or night job and then stay home to write till your heart is content.

Tips for Supporting Yourself as a Freelance Writer

– Enjoy what you do while expressing yourself in writing

– Believing in yourself and reaching out for your dream

– Know that you can actually support yourself as a freelance writer

– Take action

– Use your home computer and a reliable internet service provider

– Search online for freelance writing requests and assignments

– Join online freelance writing communities such as forums and groups

– Interact with others online who are interested in freelance writing

– Always give your freelance writing assignments your very best

– Write, write, write

Taking the first step of believing in yourself and your ability and then taking action is essential and when you learn that you can actually make money then your engine is fueled so to speak. It is wonderful to know that when others read your writing, that they are not only moved in some way or another they are generally impressed as well. I can also tell you that it is also a humbling feeling to know that others are taking away something from that which you write. I am thankful for being able to support myself and my children as a freelance writer.

It is not always easy, however I can leave a testimonial that it is possible to follow the tips for supporting yourself as a freelance writer and make just as much money as you may have while working 8, 9 or even 10 hours daily for someone else. Believe in yourself, do any homework and research you need to and simply follow your hunches, while making sure not to fall scams as you search for your online freelance writing opportunities.