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Tips to Choose Best Antivirus Program

If your computer is showing some performance issues or running at slow speed or frequent issues, then look forward for some good antivirus programs available in the market. Computer maintenance is vital to users who are frequent and use it for more than 12 hours.

Looking for best antivirus program that can fix all the bugs, then you’ve arrived at right place. Get to know about the best tips and tricks while buying or installing an antivirus program.

A good antivirus protects from malicious activities

Every time you use computer for sending and receiving emails, browsing and other online activities, influx of various malicious or infected files tend to increase.

An antivirus program protects computer against the viruses and other malicious activities. It scans files on the computer and let the user know what all areas are affected and needs quick action by the user.Virus scans can be scheduled on daily and weekly basis as per the convenience of the user.

Maintenance can take place in various internet browsers as well. Follow below steps to release the unnecessary junk:

• Open internet browser that you use on your system and it could be internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc
• Press Ctrl+Shift+Del and a new dialog box will open which will showcase the history delete settings for your browser
• Check all the settings and mark and unmark options you want to keep or delete
• Clear the history and cache and then restart the browser
• Use same steps for other browsers if in use

Tasks performed by a good cleaner:

• Keeps a regular check on the new softwares
• Update about the outdated softwares and problems associated with them
• Gives junk reminder and easy ways to wipe off
• Flags memory issues
• Red alert against viruses
• Allows user to understand different websites and junk associated with them
• Blocks unnecessary pop-ups
• Regular virus scans

How to choose best antivirus program?

There are many antiviruses available online and in the market. But before you buy or install any of them, make a wise choice and check all the features you’ve been looking for. It should meet your requirements else it will be of no use.

1. Scanner:

It must possess a good scanner which can scan against all types of viruses, malicious activities, and unwanted files and so on. Typically there are various types of scanners and the common ones are- On-request scanner, On-access scanner, heuristic scanner, and real-time scanner. All these scanners have their own set of features:

• On-access scanner- It only begins when a particular file is accessible or when it detects any malicious activity

• Real time scanner- It observes the data coming from the network systems

• Heuristic scanner- It is a type of scanner which identifies new viruses and removes them in the very beginning

• On-request scanner- As the name suggests, it works as per the user needs and demands. It will only begin when a user manually begins the process

• Scheduled scanner- In this type of scanner, a user set a particular time of the day to scan or on weekly basis

2. Block scripts:

Another feature it must contain is script blocking which allows influx of malicious codes from various websites. Most of the antivirus programs identify different types of script files and block them at the onset

3. Email Scanning:

Some of them offers scanning for emails and informs the user about virus-content mails. It also warns a user before downloading attachments and also provides solution to fix the issue

4. Auto- software updates:

Another best feature of an antivirus is that it conducts auto-software updates and informs the user that it is the time to upgrade the software.

5. Auto-Clean:

This feature scans the whole computer automatically on different periods and lets the operatorenjoy the enhanced performance every time he logs in.

6. Automatic updates on virus definitions:

Some of the installs offer update against all types of viruses and protects the system in real time. It detects every threat on the computer and informs the user and takes defensive steps.

7. Round the clock service:

Certain companies offer round the clock anti-virus tech support services to users through chat or calling options.

It is imperative to choose an anti-virus program carefully rather regretting at the end about its features.

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